"I Feel Disrespected,” Somizi Mhlongo

He wants nothing to do with Khanyi Mbau

By  | Jun 09, 2022, 01:07 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi Mhongo's cancel culture is rampant lately. The reality TV star has opened up about his “fallout” with his bestie Khanyi Mbau.

On the latest episode of his reality show Living The Dream with Somizi S5, he spilled the beans on how Khanyi disappointed him.

Somizi had asked Khanyi to organize a private jet for their Cape Town trip, but she left him hanging. Somizi called her to find out what had happened to her plans to find out that she was going through.

"Can I make plans and you fly out here now? You can’t be alone. No man don’t cry I’m sorry! Okay give me an hour… I’m making a plan right now,” he said. The Idols SA judge told his friends that he did not want Khanyi to spend New Year's eve alone.

He made plans to book her a flight to Cape Town, but it appears as though Khanyi did not show up: “I can relate to what she is going through. Sometimes when you go through stuff you just want to be alone… but she is alone on New Year’s Eve,” he told his friends.

“Don’t worry about anything else. I’ll send you details and make your way to the airport,” he continued.

In this week's episode, he said he no longer wanted anything to do with her due to her disappointment. “When you see Khanyi, please tell her I want nothing to do with her. I feel disrespected,” he said.

He said Khanyi was supposed to arrange a private jet for them but she didn't. “She first messed up with the private jet because we were relying on her. It was her connection, we were all going to contribute and fly here in a jet. And she goes quiet, on the day, she went silent, she goes quiet,” he continued.

It appears Khanyi didn't fly to Cape Town and he said he was angry with her. “I sat with Ndo and he made reservations. I booked her a flight… to this point I haven’t spoken to Khanyi and I’m waiting for her to give me a call and she knows I’m angry at her. For me its little things like this, that disappoint me,” he added.

He said it was not even about money. “I took the time… I didn’t have to. It isn’t even about money, it’s about the effort and the time that I feel disrespected,” he went on to say.

Somizi recently opened up about his fallout with Unathi. This follows after Unathi encouraged her followers and friends to not listen to R Kelly’s music ever again. This follows his much publicized sexual abuse case.

Unathi was then asked how come she was friends with Somizi and the likes of DJ Fresh and Euphonik, and she said who said they were her friends. She then unfollowed Somizi on Instagram. Reacting to her post Somizi said:

“Honestly, I was shocked, I was disappointed but it is what it is. Sometimes when people show you who they are, you leave them,” he told Vusi Nova. “Someone that I thought we were okay with went public.”

He said if he happens to work with her he will make it clear that they must not lock eyes. “If I have to go work with her, in the same space with her. It’ not in my nature to say its either me or somebody else. I’m not going to take bread away from somebody who feeds her kids and family and stuff. I’m going to make sure my space and peace is protected, one. I never want to talk to her again, I never want to speak to her again.”

“I will be professional. Being professional doesn’t mean that when she says something I must agree with her… but I’m going to make it clear before I even start that this person must never even look at me,” he concluded.

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