“I Never Said I Was Bigger Than K.O” - Lady Du

The Amapiano vocalists backtracks from her initial statement.

By  | Mar 08, 2023, 10:11 AM  | Lady Du  | Drama

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Lady Du can seemingly do nothing right in the eyes of some social media users. This is as the Wawa signature vocalist seemingly landed herself into trouble again when she finally responded to the diss track which was released by Hip-Hop legend K.O.

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Back in January 2023, K.O started the year with his first official single titled Forecast 23 where he took jabs at former TearGas member Ntukza, and Lady Du. As reported at the time: 

In a surprising twist, K.O also went on to drag Lady Du for filth. It seems that Lady Du had come for SETE before it asserted itself as the biggest song of 2022, and K.O was not having it. He dragged the Wawa signature singer by highlighting that his song has officially now been certified diamond after Lady Du suggested that K.O was lying when he said the song was gold
As such, Lady Du finally responded with her podcast interview with The Episode.

But what got her into trouble was the suggestion that she was bigger than K.O musically as she was quoted in part as saying: 

“Let me tell you about people that don’t check numbers. Go to my social media and check how many followers I have, and go to his followers. Then go to my music, then go to his music, I’m not going to say anything after that… Check the numbers, don’t go writing songs, check the numbers.”
Moreover, adding that: 
I have 169 countries listening to my music. So if I’m putting you on my song, I’m giving you credit on my platform. It’s like you rolling out the red carpet for someone else to walk on, hell no! He did that for me, and I got 350 000 followers.”

But as the backlash seems to have reached an all-time high, Lady Du has backtracked from her initial sentiments. 

“I never said I was bigger then K.O” - Lady Du

As the backlash towards her podcast interview mounted, it seems that Lady Du had a change of heart in suggesting that she has bigger numbers than K.O. This is as she took to Twitter to pen a lengthy thread explaining her own words during the podcast. 

First, she made it clear that despite what was seen and heard during her interview that she “never said she was bigger than K.O…” Her thread then went on to add that: 

"I said the reason I didn’t drop a diss track was because I checked the numbers on my streams and since he said I did nothing with myself, I was happy to see that some of the songs I was on were higher in streams.”
Moreover, she asked that everyone should move on from the matter by suggesting that all she was doing with the interview was fighting for her own recognition as it seemed that the general public does not acknowledge her own feats as an independent female artist who spent over 15 years trying to make it in the music industry. 

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