Lady Zamar Revisits Her Sjava Accusations

She suggests that it has to do with her race?

By  | Mar 10, 2023, 02:55 PM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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Lady Zamar has arguably had a couple of years of misfortune when looking at the state of her career today. The once acclaimed singer-songwriter barely has a music career worth talking about in the past three years and counting. Primarily, this is due to the allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse she levelled against the alleged ex and fellow musician Sjava.

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Ever since he was vindicated by the court of law of the allegations Lady Zamar made at the time, her career took the biggest knock. This is as the muting of Sjava then turned into the muting and cyberbullying of Lady Zamar. So much so that she has blocked comments from all her social media platforms. 

However, in her recent thread of tweets, she suggested that the non-belief in her claims might have something to do with her race, and not necessarily the claims she made. 

Lady Zamar revisits ehr Sjava accusations

Taking to Twitter recently, Lady Zamar penned a thread sharing her thoughts on race dynamics and how they affect whether or not a woman is believed when she makes claims of sexual misconduct or assualt against a man. It seems that she believes that these claims are received differently depending on race. 

Reading the thread, she starts by writing: 

“When a black woman says something against a black man it’s, “she is trying to destroy him” and, “insufficient evidence for a successful prosecution means she lied.” Let a non-black woman say the same thing about the same man there are no ulterior motives just “the truth.

Suddenly that non-black woman isn’t “bitter,” just seeking justice. It’s funny how black people wanna say a lot about a black woman who is successful and holds her own and still try make her out to want to “ruin” a “good” man’s reputation like she has anything to gain by doing that.”

Her thread then descends into relating her stance back to her own personal experience as she has been arguably unprotected following her case being thrown out of court. It seems that her constant blackballing has finally reached a boiling point for the musician as she shares how she believes she has been “punished.” “villianised” and turned into a pariah.
While we cannot be certain, her stance might be fuelled by the recent developments in the Emtee alleged abuse drama with his wife. As reported at the time: 

The situation has rather intensified between rapper Emtee and his wife and mother of his children, Nicole Chinsamy. Following a video of the couple in an exchange where Emtee was exposed for assaulting Chinsamy on Valentine's Day. Chinsamy has finally opened a case against Emtee.

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