Is Lasizwe Trying Too Hard To Stay Relevant?

His latest video is not sitting well with Black Twitter

By  | Jan 03, 2022, 11:02 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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There is no denying that Lasizwe is such a social media sweetheart that many always love to see and interact with. This time however, it seems he may have ruffled Mzansi’s feathers and is no longer a favourite to many anymore.

Not too long ago, a tweep took to Twitter to release a video of the social media influencer wearing a thong, a look that was inspired by Uncle Waffles. If you can remember, it was just the other day when Uncle Waffles was topping trends after her underwear also broke the internet.

In the video, Lasizwe is seen dancing and visibly flaunting the thong he is wearing and well, tweeps are reacting quite differently from what Lasizwe had anticipated. Tweeps have taken to the comment section to say that they have had enough and that Lasizwe should stop trying too hard to remain relevant. 

In an earlier tweet, Lasizwe had mentioned to his followers that he wanted to wear a thong at the event he was attending. And while many in his comment section had pleaded him not to, it seems those pleas fell on very deaf ears.

It seems fans had not really expected him to do it and now it seems cancel culture is now coming for Lasizwe. The social media influencer who has now dubbed himself ‘Aunty pancakes’, it seems is riding on Uncle Waffle’s rise to fame and Black twitter is just not having it.

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Not only are fans calling Lasizwe an attention seeker, but they are also saying that he is a clout chaser who would do anything just to be the talk of the town. And while many seem unimpressed by Lasizwe’s new look, his fans are of course nothing but in love.

Lasizwe who recently took to his Instagram to post a video of him purchasing the said underwear, got a lot of rave reviews after he shared that he wanted to channel his inner Uncle Waffles.

And even as fans have gone ahead to advise him on what specific underwear he should buy for his event at Konka, it seems all his Instagram fans love him and nothing he does will ever change that. 

Having started the year on such a high note, we can only imagine what to expect from Lasizwe. Last year was quite momentous for him and from the looks of it, he will not disappoint us this year either. 

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