Uncle Waffles' Underwear Breaks The Internet

"She is the fresher version of Zodwa Wabantu"

By  | Dec 07, 2021, 02:19 PM  | Drama

Image of Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles’ overnight success has been shaded with a lot of drama and controversy, particularly from those who think she is only a dancer, not a DJ. Now, her haters have found even more ammunition to come at her.

A photo surfaced online showing the DJ at one of her recent performances, and it is her outfit that has set the internet ablaze. In the picture, her underwear is exposed, and tweeps are falling over themselves to drag her for it.
She has been called the fresh version of Zodwa Wabantu, except that she often stays behind the decks. Zodwa is known for dancing in very revealing clothes, and has even branded herself “the pantyless dancer”.

Now tweeps are comparing her to other top DJs in the country, including Black Coffee and Oskido, and fans believe that a good DJ should not have to dress provocatively to get booked. According to them, half of Uncle Waffles’ appeal is that she is a beautiful young woman who wears revealing clothing, and that without that “gimmick” she probably wouldn’t get as far as she has.

This is not the first time Uncle Waffles gets attacked and accused of having no actual DJ skills. Earlier on in the year, she was asked to decide whether she wanted to be known as a DJ, a dancer or an Adiwele influencer. Coincidentally, in many public videos of her gigs, she is usually mixing and dancing to Adiwele by Young Stunna, which led haters to conclude that she doesn’t actually have any other songs in her sets. 

It is quite a shame that everything is getting credit for her success except her talent. Surely, she must have done something right to become famous as a DJ, especially since she has played multiple venues all over Africa. Her events sell out, and she receives a lot of love from her fans, so there must be hundreds of thousands of people out there who believe that she is great at her job. 

She recently shared a picture of a list of prayers that she supposedly prayed before she got famous. Her list was very detailed, including the exact phone she wanted to buy, and what areas of her personal life she hoped God would intercede in.
According to her, she wrote down the list just one month before she blew up internationally. The picture was inspiring to many social media users who took it as their cue to actively manifest their dreams into their lives. 

Uncle Waffles probably won’t be responding to the dragging. By now, she must have learned that ignoring the haters is the best course of action. Either way, we hope the bullying will end soon. She just minds her business and chases her bag, and it is quite unfair that she gets dragged every so often for nothing other than the bullies’ entertainment. 

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