Lasizwe Shows Off Baby Bump

Is he really pregnant or is it just a publicity stunt?

By  | Sep 19, 2022, 07:31 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Is he really pregnant or is it just a publicity stunt?
Lasizwe has set tongues wagging again after sharing an image of what appears to be a growing baby bump.
“I look really good! Cheers Darling!” Wrote the YouTuber.
Knowing Lasizwe this is probably a publicity stunt.
In the first frame, the baby bump is not visible and he appears to be drinking the finest champagne. We are no experts but we don’t think it’s advisable for someone pregnant to be drinking alcohol as it might have negative side effects on the baby.
Although male pregnancy is rare - there have been instances where men have given birth to their own children.
Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung made headlines this year after they sparked dating rumours. This was sparked by their appearance at the Durban July 2022
Their posts suggested that there could be something more between the two who’ve been known as friends for some time. But knowing Lasizwe and how he likes to get people talking, everyone could not look beyond the fact that it was done for clout or merely a publicity stunt.
 “Always and forever, my love,” their caption read.
The moment was awkward for many as it’s been public knowledge that Somizi and Lasizwe have not been besties and now he had formed an alliance with Mohale?
Speaking to Kaya FM's new morning show 959 Breakfast with Dineo Ranaka and Sol., Dineo Ranaka asked the reality television star about his love life and he said that a lot is happening. He was hesitant to share a lot but dropped a lot of hints that suggested that he is dating Mohale.
Lasizwe revealed that people have scrutinized this individual a lot in the past but he’s actually a good guy at heart.

“The moment you actually listen to this guy and listen to this story and you hear how he is not just anyone but someone who just wants to be loved, cared about and has dreams and ambitions,” he told Dineo Ranaka.

He also revealed that this particular person was married in the public eye and he is currently going through a big divorce.

 “I always say that life is a road trip and the people that are in your car chose to be in your car. There’ll be bumps but if we decide to stop at a garage and you say that you don’t want to continue in this car, I’m for that.
“My values right now are making memories and investing in my growth. I’m in that phase right now whereby it’s about what makes me happy at that moment,” he told Kaya FM.

You can listen to the interview between Dineo Ranaka and Lasizwe and judge for yourself. Lasizwe described Mohale without mentioning his name.

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