Lasizwe Shooting His Shot With Mohale?

Now this we did not see coming!

By  | Jan 29, 2022, 12:18 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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As you already know, media personality Mohale Motaung has been under fire of late especially whenever the name Somizi is mentioned or when he does something that looks like a direct hit at Somizi. 

And while many are still unclear on when all this Somhale drama will end even after their separation, it looks like more drama lies ahead where Mohale is concerned. 

Just recently, the radio presenter took to his social media to share a photo from one of his most recent photoshoots, and as you can already imagine, man is looking like a snack! And while his fans have of course shown up in numbers to tell him how absolutely gorgeous he is, Mzansi did not miss Lasizwe’s “flirtatious” comment either. 

In a retweet, Lasizwe took to commenting on the photo and while the caption may have been as innocent as what he had intended it to be, well, let us just say that tweeps have decided to have a field day with it. Not only that, but they have also gone ahead to warn Sweerie just in case he is planning to shoot his shot with Mohale.

Taking to Sweerie’s comment section, the reactions from tweeps are nothing short of hilarious. For some they are simply saying that this is money heist season 2 loading and that if Sweerie is not careful, the same thing that happened to Somgaga will happen to him. 

At this point it is already clear that nothing Mohale does will ever sit well in the eyes of the public, maybe just to his still very loyal fans. But judging on how tweeps are reacting to this purely harmless exchange between Mohale and Sweerie, it’s almost as if they want Mohale to stay alone. 

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Just the other day, Mohale had taken to his Twitter a completely harmless photo of what looked like his breakfast plate and tweeps decided that they were going to twist it and turn it into something absolutely scandalous. 

And Mohale has already gotten used to the hate he has to endure online, there is no denying that his fans had had quite enough of it all and demanded that guys leave Mohale alone. That however, may not be happening anytime soon and we can only hope that Mohale ‘s skin gets thicker because he is in for one bumpy ride.

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