Lexi's explosive Twitter rant shows us flames

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lexi van Niekerk  | Drama

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Sjoe! Lexi is really fed up with some of y'all.

The Mandla and Lexi reality star took to Twitter to get a few things off her chest. And, let's just say it ain't looking pretty. For anybody! 

She started by mentioning how tired she is of people who are obsessed with Mandla's money. "Voetsak man!!! Does money really have to define my love for him? Fokof!" she wrote.

She called out some people on their negative attitudes.

Lexi, who's dating Mandla, the season one winner of Big Brother Mzansi, said some people are just waiting for bad things to happen to others. "You thrive on pure evil. Some of you beg me for pictures and claim you 'love' me," she wrote on the social networking site.

She's really mad at people who are always going on about Mandla's money. She wrote: "The only thing that's so important to some of you is Mandla's money. What money? Every second post is bout his money." She then sent out a tweet that probably had a lot of people's jaws on the floor...

Lexi's rant didn't end there. The reality TV star seems to be disappointed by the fact that most of the people who are "hating on her are black females. Oh, and they're old and ugly too. Yes, she really went there.

All she wants to know is why people are still mad that Mandla chose her. "At the end of the day Mandla decided to make me his. Why are you still sitting there crying?" she asked. Adding, "Get a f***in life! You're pathetic!" Ouch!

Although she was on a REALITY show (and still is), she revealed that she hates fame. Hmmm...

It seems like some people are still not over the fact that she and Mandla had sex on TV. Lexi also had something to say about that.

She said Mandla is the love of her life and added that she wants to be his wife. "He'll the father of my children. Hate it or like it!" She continued: "God has blessed our union.No man can break it unless you old sleazy hoes will spike his drink.He loves yellow bones. & I adore black.Deal!"

Shame! Being famous must really suck for Lexi. Or does it? I think not. If it was that bad she wouldn't be on a reality show. #JustSaying.

She ended things off on a positive note. She wrote: "With all of that tweeted. Love and Peace to all my real followers."




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