Luthuli Dlamini In Cellphone Theft Drama

A security guard says Luthuli hasn't returned his cellphone.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:42 PM  | Luthuli Dlamini  | Drama

There's an old saying that goes: "Never meet your Idol/hero," well that's because one might be met with an unpleasant version of them.

Naturally, such instances bring about feelings of extreme disappointment from the fan. Such was the case when a security officer, Amos Masombuka had quite an encounter that left a bitter taste in his mouth, with one of his favourite actors - Luthuli Dlamini.

Luthuli was attending to his acting duties at the Atterberry Theatre and this is when Amos spotted him. The security officer works around the area, and when he saw his favourite actor, he excitedly asked to take a few photos with him.

What followed was an unusual request - especially that of an idol to a fan.

Daily Sun reported that Luthuli approached Amos to ask if he could grant him a favour by lending him his cellphone for a couple of days because his had apparently been water damaged. This was a request that Amos was instantly down for.

"He asked me to lend him my phone claiming his fell in water. So, I did because I was a huge fan and he was in need of help,"he told the publication.
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Weeks passed by and Amos got worried as it became clear that Luthuli had disappeared into thin air with his phone!

“After almost a week, I was told he wasn’t at the hotel anymore. He was gone, and he left with my phone and sim card."

“I don’t know anyone’s number by heart and head. My whole life is in that phone and that man doesn’t want to bring it back. I trusted and respected him but now I take him as a criminal,” he said.

When Daily Sun contacted the former Generations actor, he confirmed the story by stating the following: "He lent me his phone after l explained that mine was water damaged. I inadvertently left with the phone for a remote part of the Eastern Cape where I’m working, unfortunately there is hardly any reception here. I return to Johannesburg on Monday but will have the phone couriered to him by tomorrow,” he said.

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