"The Ranakas Needs To End Already"

Fans think the storylines are now boring

By  | Feb 18, 2022, 01:39 PM  | Manaka Ranaka  | Drama

The Ranakas
The famous Ranaka family has given us some quality entertainment for about four years now, through their reality show, The Ranakas. But as much as fans have enjoyed the ride so far, after the latest episode, they have all united to declare that it is time for it to come to an end. 
The reality show started on a high. It was interesting to see the family dynamics, especially between Dineo Ranaka and the rest of her family, after her previous show, Dineo’s Diary. The journey has been interesting so far. From seeing Ntate Ranaka opening up and showing us that a real man can be vulnerable too without it having a negative effect on his image; to Dineo and her sister fighting, to the family exploring religion and African spirituality together. 

They have shown us that, in the vein of the Kardashians, fully African families can be interesting to watch too, and that we can finally invest our time and emotions in watching and following the lives of people who look like us. 
But now viewers feel like the show has run out of storylines to explore and it is becoming redundant, so perhaps it is time to quit while they are still ahead. They have noticed, for instance, that Ntate Ranaka’s one weekly “gimmick” is to cry, but his tears no longer hold the same power they did at the beginning. The issues that were brought up at the beginning of the show are also yet to be resolved, so the family keeps fighting about it every week, which is exhausting. 
The most noticeable change, though, is Dineo’s absence. While she was on the show, viewers often complained about her, calling her dramatic and toxic. They have even made fun of her multiple times, like that time she compared eating steak to eating ancestors, and they took that to mean she worships cows

Now that she is gone, she is all they can talk about. Everyone now realises that it was her drama that made the show worth watching, as she injected some flavour into it. Now that she is no longer throwing in some dramatic comments, the show has become slow and annoying, like they have run out of content. Fans are hoping this is the last season. 

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It’s unfortunate to see that a show that once used to be Mzansi’s favourite reality show now has fans calling for its end. Perhaps it is time for the family and the showrunners to explore what else they can do, or to decide to quit while they are ahead.

Even if they throw in the towel now, the show will forever be remembered as iconic, so it should be okay, really. The legacy is intact. 
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