Master KG: I Know I Disappointed You

Master KG apologises to his fans

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Master KG  | Drama

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It's always commendable when artists apologise when they know they are at fault, especially when it comes to them not pitching for a gig.

Hitmaker - Master KG has since come out to apologise to his fans after failing to attend a gig where his loyal supporters had been waiting on him.

According to Daily Sun, Master KG was a no-show at a gig that was held at the Tees LifeStyle venue in Limpopo. Master KG was expected to perform on Saturday night, but fans were sadly disappointed when he did not pitch.

Instead of remaining silent with no explanation of why he didn't show up, Master KG has done the right thing by coming out to profusely apologise and to explain why he couldn't perform that day.

What's even better is that he has also announced that he is willing to do a free show for his adoring fans.

Shout out to Master KG for being honest with his loyal followers, we can only imagine how frustrated they were after paying their hard-earned money for a show he did not pitch up for.

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