Mohale's "Controversial" Tweet Lands Him In Hot Soup

Trolls have taken this too far

By  | Jan 27, 2022, 07:13 AM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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At this point, there is no denying that it will be a while before Mzansi can ever move on from Mohale and Somizi’s break up. And even though the two seem to have moved on quite well after their separation, it is still a wonder why Black Twitter in particular keeps linkng everything they do back to the other.

As was the case not too long ago, Mohale took to his Twitter to share a photo of a meal he was having saying that he has been stress eating. Now if any of you is an avid follower of the radio presenter, you already know that Mohale likes posting everything from his vacations, outfits to his meals for his fans to see.

This time however, let’s just say that his tweet was not received with the same old warm and hearty reception he is used to getting. Instead, tweeps have decided to have a field day with the photo and are saying all sorts of nasty things about him and his well laid plate. Well, have a look for yourself.

As you can already imagine, the first thing tweeps have gone ahead to assume is that Mohale is missing Somizi’s soft life and that that is why he is so stressed up. But for others, they still cannot unsee his plate and it’s contents. But come on guys, can’t Mohale just enjoy his breakfast without having to be dragged into such a nasty mess? 

Here is a look at how tweeps have been reacting so far.

If there is one thing we are most certain about, it’s that many in Mzansi decided to take Somizi’s side after their fairytale romance came to an unexpected end. Many of Mohale’s fans are still wondering how Mohale is still able to survive all the hate that he receives everyday on Twitter. 

At this point, many are also left to wonder whether Mohale could be the most hated Zaleb in Mzansi, because nothing he does ever seems to sit so well with Black Twitter. Was it not just the other day when his own sister got into trouble for calling out Somizi fans? 

The rate at which Mohale is being dragged in these streets is just too much and his fans have clearly noticed it too and want it to come to an end. And especially now that Somizi is said to be kicking things off in his new alleged relationship, we can only hope that trolls will steer clear from Mohale. What do you think?

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