NaakMusiQ Finally Wins Mzansi’s Support

He's not coming to play!

By  | Mar 29, 2022, 12:53 PM  | Naak MusiQ  | Drama

Things are heating up as the much anticipated boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and NaakMusiQ draws closer. And now it seems that Naak has finally convinced fans to back him in the fight. 
After Cassper managed to moer his long term hater, Slik Talk, his blood was craving more fights, probably still riding the high. He challenged NaakMusiQ who immediately accepted, and now D-day, which is 9th April is approaching, and nobody can keep calm. 

Fans were initially skeptical about whether Naak would stand a chance against Cass. I mean don’t get them wrong. He is certainly bigger and more muscular than Cassper is, so that should put him at some sort of advantage, right?

Except he shared a few videos of himself training that completely damaged his fans’ faith in his chances in the fight. In one video, fans could have sworn he was modelling, not training for a fight. 
In another video, he seemed to be gently handling the punching bag he was using to train, so much so that tweeps ridiculed him for it. It looked like he was losing the fight, and the bag was not even fighting back! 
It looks like he went and got really serious with his training, though, because his latest training video has abruptly turned the winds in his direction. Now fans recognise the NaakMusiQ they know and love, and are no longer embarrassed to say they are rooting for him in the fight. Have a look below. 

Naturally, that means that those who were on Cassper’s side have now jumped the fence. After watching the video, the phrase Cass so thoughtfully cloned is what they believe will happen to him – he will be ‘Naak-ed’ out. 
They poured in the comments to troll Cass, who has been smack talking since the day that the date was fixed. One said that all Naak needed to promote the fight was the one video, but Cass literally won’t shut up about it, which should tell fans who is going to win. 

Some are still not convinced, though, and remain sure Cass will win, as Naak's punches look rather weak. 
But there have been concerns about the integrity of the match. A rumour started that Cassper had already paid Naak to lose the match on purpose. 
While the source of the rumour is unknown, it has gained a lot of traction – as rumours tend to do – and now the only thing for Naak to do is win, or social media will conclude that the match was fixed. 

It sure looks like both of them have their work cut out for them, doesn’t it? As for us, we cannot wait for 9th April. This is set to be lit! 

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