Lorch Catches Smoke After Natasha Scandal

"You turned Lorch into an influencer"

By  | Dec 02, 2021, 11:11 AM  | Natasha Thahane  | Drama

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Natasha Thahane might have thought she was in the clear  when she released a statement clarifying what she meant by the R1 million government funds she was awarded to study abroad. But Twitter and Slik Talk were not looking to let her off the hook just yet and dragged her boyfriend Lorch in the process.

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Slik Talk's YouTube videos always gain traction because some people feel as though he speaks nothing but facts. This time he took aim at Natasha Thahane and the scandal she is involved in regarding the incriminating information she revealed on Podcast And Chill With MacG.

Natasha is a New York Film Academy alumni and she had to get funds to study there. She then said she approached Baleka Mbethe to help her with funds and mentioned a million. She did clarify that she was scared to ask for all of it so she only asked for half of the money.

After getting dragged left, right and centre on social media, Natasha finally released a video where she set the record straight. Natasha shot herself on the foot when she clarified what she meant by releasing a statement via video.

"I did not receive R1 million from Baleka Mbethe or the department of Arts and culture. If you receive to the interview you would realize that I was taken out of context and before I even go through the process I would profusely like to apologize to Baleka Mbethe and the department of sports and art and culture because when I watch back and listen to the interview it sounds like I have a personal relationship with mam Baleka which is not a case," she said.

"She advised me to explore the department of arts and culture because they have funding opportunities and that was the first and last conversation. She did not make any calls on my behalf," she said. In conclusion Natasha said she only obtained R350 000 from the department, and the rest was provided by her family.

Now Slik Talk was not impressed by this and decided to diss Natasha and her boyfriend Lorch. Slik Talk said he does not like Natasha at all anymore and said he would have probably liked her if she admitted to eating the money she got from Baleka Mbethe.

He then dissed her and said he was done with her when she told MacG that every time she looks up when she talks is because she is always talking to God.

"I knew I was done with Natasha when she was on MacG interview, and they asked her why do you keep looking up when you speak? & she said is because I'm always talking to God. Shut up!! That is the most fakest statement I have ever heard in my life," he said.

He even dragged Lorch and said he is injury prone and his stats have fallen flat. "Now Lorch is injury prone and you have turned Lorch into an influencer," he dissed.

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