Nota Not Budging On K.O Allegations Despite Imminent Arrest

Seems he has yet to hand himself over.

By  | Mar 11, 2023, 10:00 AM  | Drama

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Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi is no stranger to the courthouse. This is as the likes of Shimza have already taken the controversial former music executive to court for his previous utterances on their name. However, it seems that Nota has not learned his lesson as he was dragged to court yet again.

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This time it was by Hip-Hop legend K.O who initially took Nota to court for alleging that his brother and close friend to the recently assassinated rapper Kiernan “AKA" Forbes when he alleged he was involved in his assassination. In what fits the description of a narcissist, instead of taking the onus of his actions, Nota preferred to continue spewing more accusations this time including K.O.
Nota not budging on K.O allegation despite imminent arrest 

On Thursday, K.O had taken to Twitter to share a cryptic tweet about someone lying on his name and having to face the full might of the law. At the time, given his recent “beef” with Lady Du, it was unclear to who the tweet was directed. 

However, Nota seemed to make things easier to deduce as he took to his own social media to then directly accuse K.O of being involved in AKA’s assassination. 
It was then that K.O set the matter straight with his subsequent tweet which read:

‘Me not seeing eye to eye with some artists is just artist sh*t, they have every right to respond that’s the game. I took legal action against a maniac who egregiously called me a murderer.  Hate me all you want but don’t peddle no sinister lies like dat bout me. Respect the law.”

The tweet seemed to stem from what K.O believed was his small victory at the time as it is believed that this was the same day that Nota was ordered to hand himself in for a six days detainment. As reported by The Sunday World after seeing the court order: 

“The Sheriff of the court and the South African Police Service are directed to take the respondent into custody and to deliver the respondent to the Leeuwkop Prison or any other prison within Gauteng for a period of sixty days.”

But it would seem that despite the court order, Nota is not planning on handing himself to the courts anytime soon. This is as on Saturday, 11 March 2023, he took to Instagram to host a live session continuing to suggest that Don Design, Siya and K.O were involved in the passing of their friend.
Moreover, it does seem that there will need to be a warrant of arrest for the controversial personality before he decides to actually go to jail. This is as he had made it clear that he has no intentions of handing himself over to the police voluntarily.

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