Nqobile's Abusive Husband Blames Her #NqobileMzansi (Recap)

She still loves him

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The new 8 pm drama on Mzansi Magic, channel 161 premiered yesterday and wow, it did not disappoint. 

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Nqobile has a star-studded cast that shocked us to the core. They are owning their roles and we hate them for it.

To start things off, let's give Kagiso Modupe who plays the role of Nqobile’s husband Simo, the standing ovation. We are one episode in and he is already not a fan favourite that speaks to his talent. Nobody has seen him play such a cruel role before, one would swear he is abusive in real life.

Right, when the show starts, we are introduced to Nqobile who seems to be such a dotting wife, it makes us wonder what man would treat her the way Simo treats her. She has prepared not just a normal breakfast, she went all out. She carefully prepares the table and when Simo comes to the dining area to fix his tie just before going to work, she is still loving attempting to fix his tie, he pushes her away, strike 1. She lets it slide and then asks him if he remembers what they are celebrating today, he annoyingly tells her that how one can forget.

This is where most things become clear. It seems Simo was not home, Nqobile was working from home with their child in the same room. She makes one glance up and the baby seems to have walked out crawled into the pool. This signified the start of her nightmare portrayed through the husband she so dearly loves.

Their grown daughter, probably a teenager walks in and the lion has left the room, the loving father has shown up and again we wonder, why can't he treat his wife the same way he is treating the daughter. He is playful, attentive and caring. He even opens the chair for his daughter so that they can have breakfast. He is everything he is not to his wife.

After slaving in the kitchen for hours making breakfast, Simo hardly eats. He instead gulps water and out he goes. But wait, before he leaves, Nqobile asks him for petrol money and he says something so triggering to most ladies that we almost lose it. He says you have the money for presents but you can't buy petrol. Oh okay. Shook.

Before that Nqobile, prepared a presentation for him to pitch to investors and acted like he has got this totally disregarding her efforts. Alright. The investors are robbed while using what we presume are the company's cars because Simo's family owns some sort of transporting service something like Uber and while we are still digesting what he just did to his wife. Simo is the one behind the hijacking and unfortunately for him, the investors did not have what he wanted (the money).

Simo fumbles in the presentation. The presentation is almost thrown to the bean when Nqobile shows up trying to tell her husband that she has got an idea that may work. He scolds her like a child for coming to work while she is still mourning their child. He even says she does not respect their child. This hurtful exchange is saved by Simo's father (played Magic Hlatshwayo). He is fond of his daughter-in-law it seems and when Nqobile tells him that she has got an idea that she thinks may work, he hurries her into the boardroom and just like that she saves the presentation. Great wife huh.

Simo is left fuming and when he goes to his father to beg him that he not make Nqobile the CEO of the company (because he is so desperate father's approval) his father tells him Nqobile is the future because the future is female right. Nqobile has won.

That is until Simo gets home and shows us who he truly is. We are introduced to just how abusive he is to his wife. He kicks her and beats her up to a pulp for taking his job at work and disrespecting him. Even when she is getting blows, Nqobile still calls her husband sthandwa sami (my love). She apologises but that apology falls on deaf ears. He does not care.

The cherry on top, Simo is cheating at work and he seems to have promised his side that he will leave Nqobile all in due time.

All we can say to the team behind Nqobile, is well done. We cannot wait to see what Nqobile has in store for us because already important issues are being highlighted, these include, the issues women have with using e-hailing services that are driven by men and how unsafe this makes them. This show is a game-changer.

Nqobile plays every Monday at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic, channel 161.

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