Enhle's Shocking Abuse Timeline

She lists the many times Black Coffee allegedly hit her

By  | Apr 14, 2021, 02:07 PM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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"I've never heard an abuser admit to being one." Those are the powerful words used by actress Enhle Mbali Mlothswa who issued out a full statement, where she revealed some more shocking details about her abuse.

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Enhle Mbali and her estranged soon-to-be ex-husband Black Coffee are currently undergoing a very public and messy divorce. They both have tried to keep things under wraps for the sake of their children but allegations of abuse is drawing all of the attention to them, unfortunately.

Yesterday, the global hitmaker issued out his statement where he flat out denied ever laying hands on Enhle Mbali, accusing her of wanting to keep him away from their kids, hence the allegations.

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The former Isibaya actress took to the streets, outside Randburg Magistrates court together with gender based violence activists. This is where her case will be handled and a protection order will be decided upon.

Starting off her statement, Enhle said she wants to "...put an end to the cycle of abuse that I have continued to face at his (Nathi Maphumulo) commission." Enhle said they tried to keep everything within the marriage, but according to her the abuse has been ongoing, putting the blame on her fear.

"I am no longer fearful, and it is with this renewed sense of self that I wish to recount the numerous incidents on which he has beaten, berated, rendered me broken and unworthy,"
wrote the mother of two.

Enhle then reveals that the extent to which Black Coffee allegedly abused her, as well as his unfaithfulness, caused her to be a victim of depression. She then got admitted to a facility, "I have within the marriage...endured gaslighting, emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse and financial abuse at his behest. The extent of the turmoil I experienced in the marriage as a result of the abuse and the extra marital affairs were so severe that I was admitted into a facility and was treated for depression."

What's also shocking is that she revealed he apparently laid hands on her in front of their children. "The last (5) years have been filled with agony and my children have been the unfortunate witnesses to these incidents of abuse in our home.

"Below are examples of incidents of abuse that have taken place:

• In 2014 at our previous residence, he struck me several times in our bedroom
• In 2019 after his Music is King event at our new residence, he threw a bag at my face during an argument
• Guests at my
33rd birthday celebration witnessed him attack me," wrote Enhle.

Mbali then claims to have been intimidated by Black Coffee as he has more money than she does, "Since the beginning of our divorce proceedings, he has continually used intimidation and financial muscle in an attempt silence me."

Read the rest of Enhle's statement below:
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