Ntando Duma Pokes Fun At The EFF’s Call To Close Down Clicks

She’s a part of the movement

By  | Sep 07, 2020, 08:59 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Drama

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Proud representative of the South African political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Ntando Duma has added fuel to the fire, as they call for the pharmaceutical retail company, Clicks, to close its doors. The uproar began after an advert which seemingly portrayed black woman as having dry and damaged hair, as opposed to white women whose hair appears smooth and silky. 

The political party demanded that Clicks shut down all of their stores, and began vandalizing and looting various branches throughout South Africa, in protest of their strong beliefs. Ntando Duma, who has been an open advocate of the EFF, showed support by retweeted a comment which claimed that Click’s response was, “arrogant”. 

Thereafter, she shared a series of images which showed her bare-face and smiling proudly, captioning the post with, “Sphongo Nation and Skin glow representative.” Many believed that her tweet was in direct reference to the EFF’s protest to the retailer, as they are well-known for their skincare and beauty offering. On Instagram, Ntando added a different caption, stating, “My ‘No Make Up’ face is my favourite face.” 

Some of the comments included, “That’s the face of no makeup and products because there will be no more Clicks”, and, “At least you got good skin. How must we flaunt no-makeup with no-Clicks?!”. 

The Queen actress has come under fire many times for her active participation in supporting the EFF, which included a message of gratitude to the political party for their birthday in July. Many believed that she was being paid to advocate for the EFF, which is led by Julius Malema, and that she had no true knowledge of politics in South Africa. 

Ntando has stood firm in her political beliefs, and has previously clarified that her support has not come with remuneration. She tweeted, “We can’t even send our party a mere birthday message without y’all thinking we got paid for it? You are disappointing. Who gets paid for wishing others a happy birthday?”.
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