Ntsiki Slams Female Celebs Who Withdraw GBV Charges Against Their Partners

"We are tired of celebrity women playing with the system"

By  | May 16, 2023, 08:27 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai has weighed in on the recent gender based violence scandal which has been trending on social media. Without mentioning any names, Ntsiki slammed the female celebrities who open cases against their alleged abusers only to drop or withdraw them without receiving justice.

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Ntsiki recorded a video of herself addressing the news saying celebrity couples should just have their own court systems, She reckons that women who withdraw assault charges are undermining the real issues which continue to plague society. 

"Can couples have their own justice system pls we are tired of celebrity women playing with the system," she captioned her video.

In the video, Ntsiki says:

"Personally I think that couples should have their own court systems and justice systems, because they keep wasting our time with their lover's quarrels which involve domestic violence and assault, and those are big things in society.

"Since these celebrity ladies keep dropping charges it makes it seem as if it's not a big issue. It completely undermines genuine cases because clearly, you guys don't mind being in the back-and-forth abusive relationships, but it actually does matter in society. So I believe that couples needs their own systems because I'm tired of these celebrity girls dropping charges." 

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A trending topic is that of Thuli Phongolo withdrawing the assault charges against DJ Maphorisa.

They released joint statements speaking about the issue:

โ€œBeing public figures, it is unavoidable that the public, media, and their respective commercial partners all have an interest in this matter. Accordingly, they have decided to release this joint statement as the official and exclusive statement in the matter.

โ€œThe matter has received mixed public attention, causing a great deal of emotional stress on both parties involved. It is on this basis that the parties have elected to resolve this matter privately through their respective management and legal teams. Consequently, Phongolo has since withdrawn the charges laid against Sekowe.โ€

Their statements continues to read: โ€œBoth parties have noted with concern, the disparaging, defamatory and (in some instances) untrue remarks, statements and reports emanating from the incident and view these in a serious light. The parties reserve their rights to individually pursue legal action against people making defamatory and/or false statements in relation to this matter.โ€

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