"The Chris Excel Situation Is Showing How South Africa Men Are In Fact Rapists Because They Do Not Understand No" Ntsiki Mazwai

The Bianca Coster saga has scores of people at their wits end with Chris Excel

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The bold and outspoken Ntsiki Mazwai have just sparked a rubust conversation after insinuating that South African men are in fact rapists. Whilst the topic of Twitter troll Chris Excel refusing to removing Bianca Coster's picture picture on his profile is still on everyone's lips. A number personalities, tweeps and now Mazwai have lambasted since Chris Excel for emotional and psychological abuse towards Coster.

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Twitter troll Chris Excel continues to ruffle enough feathers for his refusal to remove Bianca Coster's picture on his Twitter profile. Instead, scores of men have pledged their support towards Chris Excel and urged him not to remove Coster's picture.

Mazwai has compared the whole situation to how many men end up committing rape because they can't accept the word no. 

"Good morning and a message to men in south Africa......it looks like you are rapists....." wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
In a video, Mazwai begged and pleaded with Chris Excel to stop abusing Bianca Coster and asked him to remove her picture on his profile. Talking about the scores of men who have since rallied behind Chris Excel, Mazwai have lambasted them as rapists who cannot accept no when being rejected.

"Good morning gents... It is a bit unfortunate that we have to explain this to you grown men and women, when a person says no it means no. Please can we train ourselves to accept the disappointment, to have more maturity and not to violate other human beings who have said no. The Chris Excel situation is showing how men in South Africa men are in fact rapists because they do not understand no. So therefore us being the highest rape  capital city in the world might actually be true because it shows that you don't understand what no means. Please stop abusing this girl, no means no" said Ntsiki Mazwai

A robust exchange between tweeps has evoked as more emotions and feelings are at all time time, amidst the Chris Excel and Bianca Coster's situation.

"You’ve thrown around the word rape so much into everything that it has lost it’s value. Today when a woman reports rape it’s not even taken serious" wrote  C. Mogoeng
"Not like rape was ever taken seriously before let's be honest" wrote Njabulo Andy
"Ho it was chief. A women would scream rape and a men’s career would be done there and then. Even if there’s no proof." wrote Jika Bakhothame
"Let's not lie chief, rape only gained some attention during the "Me too" movement when feminists around the world put some pressure on governments to take rape seriously and urged victim's to speak out. this is when we began seeing celebrities like Rkelly and Cosby being exposed" wrote Njabulo Andy

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