Pabi Moloi battles her demons

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Pabi Moloi  | Drama

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When looking at a successful person like Pabi Moloi you’d think “Wow, she has it all!” yet behind closed doors you’d be surprised to know that she’s just another woman battling with her body image. In an interview with Sunday World Moloi spoke about her weight issues and how it’s been an on-going battle throughout her entire life.

In the interview she’s quoted as saying, “I’m not gonna lie and say I’m beyond it…I’m up one moment, sometimes I’m down. It’s challenging but I do everything I can to maintain myself.”

After announcing her resignation from Highveld Stereo a couple of weeks ago, Moloi gave an exclusive interview to YOU Magazine where she revealed all about her battle with alcohol and the fact that she recently attended rehab. However, she assured the magazine that she is “back on track’’.

Pabi had initially decided to take a break from radio broadcasting to focus on her singing career and personal life but was offered an opportunity on Power FM which she simply couldn't refuse. 

“I got a call from Mr. Mkhari, the Power FM chairman, who explained to me what Power was about and his vision, I just kinda fell in love with it.”

She continued to explain how she could never fully escape from the entertainment industry as it is in her DNA.  From her grandfather who was an actor to her aunt who was a ballet dancer, Pabi has realised that she cannot deny her calling as an entertainer and radio presenter. Her first show on Power FM will air this weekend from 6m - 9pm

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