Etv And Pearl Thusi Lock Horns

Pearl did not expect this one

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 05:23 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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If you were wondering why Anaconda is trending then you would not be surprised to find out that Etv is behind it. The broadcaster ruffled a few feathers when they announced this Saturday's 8PM movie and it is none other than Anaconda - yes for the 100th time.

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Pearl Thusi joined the thousands of tweeps who slammed Etv for continuously playing Anaconda even after promising to never play it ever again, 7 years ago. The media personality advised Etv to do better and come up with better content, or better yet play old movies that people do not know about. Anything other than Anaconda really.

Pearl responded to Etv's tweet which asked people to guess this Saturday's blockbuster movie and many got bored instantly.

Pearl said the broadcaster needs a better marketing team because they have been playing Anaconda since she was her daughters age.

We bet she did not expect this response she got from Etv who said she and her daughter should watch it together as a date.

Other personalities slamming the broadcaster include Phil Mphela who said, "But you did a whole schtick about never airing the film again. A whole promo about the final screening of the film. So you lied."Ms. Party said, "Your marketing person is sleeping. Anaconda came out in 1997. You could’ve given this week’s screening sentimental value. “25 Years of Anaconda.” Give it new life. If you’re gonna play it every few weeks, put your back into it Nani."

Check out some of the hilarious reactions to Etv's movie announcement:

In other Pearl Thusi news, she has decided to do her own house chores after suspending her home staff as she suspects they have been stealing her stuff. Pearl revealed this week that she felt betrayed by her team for stealing her things. She said the betrayal is like that of being betrayed by family.

"The saddest thing is when staff in your home steal from you, it’s like losing family. And without proof of who did it - you have to pay for their crime to let them go or deal with the CCMA. That’s actually crazy."

Now, she took the decision to suspend them until further notice.

She then had to do all the chores they were doing by herself, which including, cooking, cleaning, feeding her dogs, birds, take her daughter to school, take out the rubbish bins. All of that in one day and that included, going to gym, attending to an appointment, take her other daughter Thando to an optometrist, shoot more content and put her daughters to bed.

"I’m basically doing 3 peoples jobs right now," Pearl laughed. "But at least nothing is going missing," she shaded her employees.

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Pearl was also recently missing her mother who passed away a couple of years ago. She shared a throwback picture where she reveals she cries for her mother a lot.

In previous posts, Pearl wrote,  “As I begin to write this... I realise from now on, every day will be one more day I’ve been on this earth longer without you than I was ever with you, Mom. In the flesh anyway.”

“I find new ways to cope every time the world finds a way to remind me that you’re not here to console me about the little things and the big things..."

"That I can’t boast about how you made and raised the first African MAC cosmetics ambassador, the first person to lead a Netflix original in Africa... an international actress, a strong mother, businesswoman, and activist.” she wrote.

Pearl also lost her father Bhekizizwe Thusi in 2020, "I hope you knew how much I love you... how much I miss you. And even how I forget you’re gone. It’s almost a year later and I still have to remind myself that you’re no longer here," reads her post.

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