Pearl Thusi Chooses Violence

She will go to war for Kamo Mphela

By  | Jan 19, 2022, 08:19 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Image of Pearl Thusi
If there is one thing Pearl Thusi will never stand for, it is internet bullying, which is why she often stands up for people who are subjected to it. She has a soft spot for celebrities who are bullied, especially young women.
After dancer and performer Kamo Mphela was recently the victim of a lot of body shaming and bullying, Pearl came out guns blazing for her. Well, not literally because she only wished she had a gun, but doesn't. 
It all started when Kamo shared a video of herself participating in the Trigger Dance Challenge. She bodied the challenge if we are being honest, but it seems it did not meet the standards of some social media users. She was dragged for many reasons, first of all for making the challenge more complicated than it needed to be. 

But the comments got meaner with time, as trolls came for her body. Many said she had overindulged in Dezemba festivities and that she had put on weight. They said the new look was not flattering for her body and she needed to do something about it. 
The bullying got so bad that Kamo topped trends on Twitter. Naturally Pearl interacted with the mean comments and she was not having it. As one social media user came to Kamo's defence, saying they needed a gun to do it better, Pearl agreed vehemently. 

Kamo is not the first person that Pearl has defended. A few months back she came out strong for Uncle Waffles when the young DJ was under fire for her dressing. Uncle Waffles has even had trolls insinuate that she has no talent and has only gone big because she's pretty. 
Dancer Kamo handled all the bullying with grace, though. Taking to Twitter she said that she was on the verge of shedding tears when she saw the mean comments, but then she remembered that she is on an insane winning streak. She has a bunch of international performances waiting for her and she has no time for petty body shaming. You get it, moghel. 
But Kamo has always been that babe even though she only ate recently. She has already built a reputation as someone who's not to be messed with, and we don't understand why fans seem to have forgotten that recently. 

I mean, she's the only person who has ever gotten an apology from Slik Talk, and the YouTuber trashed practically everybody. If that doesn't tell you to back away from Kamo Mphela, we really don't know what else would convince you. 
Either way we love to see the sisterhood going on between Pearl and her girls. She is lighting the way for those coming behind her and we love to see it. 
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