Phumeza Mdabe’s son remains cancer free despite scare

There is more good news for Phumeza Mdabe’s little cancer survivor.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Phumeza Mdabe  | Drama

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phumeza mdabe's son remains cancer free

Phumeza Mdabe was overjoyed to learn on Wednesday that her son’s cancer has not returned.

The TV personality took her two-year-old Ntsika for an MRI scan after “scary signs” that his cancer may have returned.

“The thing about being in remission after cancer is that as parents, we always on edge. After some scary signs that this horrible disease could be back, we can safely say it isn't! MRI clear. Thank you God. Now we wait for him to wake up from all the drugs,” she captioned a picture of her son during the scan.

He was reportedly diagnosed with cancer in 2015, but has been in remission since October.

Phumeza returned to the industry shortly afterwards following a long break to take care of her son.

She told ZAlebs in April that it was nice to be back in the industry doing what she loves.

“My son has been cleared, he will be checked by the doctor every six months. During the break I was not thinking of work, my heart and mind was with my son and everything is well now," she said.

We are glad Ntsika remains cancer free, and wish him all the best for the future. 

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