Zola's Snap Back Game Breaks The Internet

"Didn't she just give birth the other day?"

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 09:03 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee and her long time girlfriend Zola Ayabulela affectionately known as Zola ZeeLovin, recently had their first child together and it was a beautiful sight to see. Their relationship which had been under the warps for a long time seems to have sparked interest especially now that they are raising their newborn together. 

Taking to her Twitter, the media personality recently shared a photo of herself looking nothing if not absolutely gorgeous. As you can already imagine, fans cannot simply begin that her body has recovered that fast since she’s just from giving birth.

One thing is for sure, Zola has set our timelines on fire and we love to see it. She has left fans drooling with others jealous at how lucky Kaybee must be to have such a hot and raunchy baby mama. Sheesh!

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Now while it is still not clear whether or not Kaybee are back together now that they have a son together, there is no denying that he bagged one hot babe when it comes to Zola and tweeps have ensured that he knows it.

Tweeps are saying that it doesn’t matter what happened between the two of them, all they know is that both Kaybee and Zola make one perfect couple. The two of them recently shared about how their parenting journey has been so far, saying that it has been no walk in the park. 

"I promised myself a self-care journey after giving birth, simply because the journey of parenting is not easy and you forget about yourself so easily. Postpartum depression is real with all the life changes a mother goes through, and let me not even start with the waves of exhaustion I've been experiencing. So I am actively going to fetch my life." said Zee

Kaybee also shared the same sentiments saying that newborn babies have a way of taking all the attention. 

It is good to see however that he is taking his time to actively be in the life of his newborn son. He recently took to his social media to share a video of him playing his video games whilst rocking his child serving quite the baby fever. 

Despite the challenges they have faced so far it is good to see that things are getting better for them with each passing day. And with all the effort Zola has been putting in to recover her beautiful bod, we have to say, she is indeed one yummy mummy!

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