Flabba's cousin speaks of fatal night

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Sindisiwe Manqele  | Drama

Sindisiwe Manqele, murder accused and girlfriend to deceased rapper Flabba, appeared at the Randburg Magistrates court on Monday morning. As court proceedings took place, the State called in their first witness, Luyanda Sulupa.

Luyanda, who is Flabba’s cousin, took to the stand and gave a detailed rendition of what he remembers of that fatal night at Flabba’s home.

According to Jacaranda News, Luyanda had mentioned that he heard someone enter Flabba’s bedroom but wasn’t sure who it was. Moments later he heard Flabba knock on his room calling out for Sindisiwe, he was asking for Sindisiwe to open the door for him but Sindiswe was unresponsive.

Luyanda then told the court that Flabba went on to knock on the bedroom window until Sindisiwe opened up.  As soon as Flabba entered the room, the couple argued for 30 minutes, Luyanda also mentioned that whilst the couple was arguing, he heard Flabba’s two ex-girlfriends being mentioned by Sindisiwe.

By then Flabba had told Sindisiwe that she can leave.

Luyanda then went to investigate what the commotion was about, but Flabba’s bedroom door was closed. He knocked, but the couple was still arguing.

Luyanda eventually went back to the house, but moments later heard Sindisiwe running from Habedi’s room pleading for help and that she had stabbed Flabba by mistake.

Overwhelmed by his recollection of that night, Luyanda then broke down in court.

The court proceedings are still taking place.

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