Sizwe Dhlomo Once Again Misses The Mark

You want success? Sizwe says wake up early

By  | Feb 19, 2022, 12:06 PM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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'Sizwe Dhlomo is just a podcast waiting to happen.' These are the words of an angry tweep who slammed the radio presenter over his remarks on what it takes to be successful. According to the Kaya FM presenter, if you want success, you better wake up before even smelling the coffee.

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Sizwe has always portrayed himself as a 'woke' brother who thinks he drops gems with his tweets. His parades himself as a smart human being who seeks to educate other people on how to turn their situations around and better their lives. For many people, he is out of touch with the realities of many South Africans.

Like his latest tweet which landed him on top of the trends list, he told people that in order to attract more opportunities, you have to wake up very early. This only reiterates the belief that people who spend time sleeping are not likely to be successful very easily.

Well, tweeps made some pretty strong points why they think Sizwe missed the mark again. If you look at your early birds every single day, your taxi drivers, bus drivers and any other driver actually, as well as your security guards, they one of the first people to be on the roads every single day.

Here are some of the reactions from tweeps:

"About 70% of SA’s workforce wakes up at 4am to catch buses, taxis and trains to commute faraway workplaces. Thulas Nxesi has just added R2 to the minimum wage. How many opportunities are available to these people, Sizwe?"

"I don’t know why Sizwe wants to fight that. . .in this country the hardest working people are poor. When they fight it they get shot at.
Earliest risers have zero opportunity. I cannot believe he became a Vusi T! Not him."

"Sizwe’s takes have always been wild, laced with privilege. You’d think he’s a smart man with the big words and talking super fast, but when you really listen he’s just a podcast waiting to happen."

"Security guards , Taxi drivers , Bus drivers , Train driver , Truck Drivers , these are some of people who wake up Early. Sizwe Dhlomo what opportunities are available for them?"

Sizwe tried to respond to some of the nasty comments from people but maintained that he did in fact mean waking up early in the morning.

Sizwe Dhlomo is very wealthy and he even speculated that he is nearing billionaire status. But he said by the time he is 55 years old he will be one. He is always beefing with another accomplished man, Vusi Thembekwayo but he told MacG on Podcast And Chill that he has nothing against him.

“People always ask me that, I’ve never beefed with the guy. But, three or four years ago when there was a huge taxi strike. I sent a few tweets just generally thinking – look, guys. Cause you know, the taxi drivers – they’ve got their own financing situation. When you go buy a taxi, the interest rate is high bra. I think they get financed at like prime plus 10.

"If I remember correctly, those guys buy hundreds and hundreds of taxis every month. Right? That’s how much they contribute to the economy. And obviously, you know how much money they have just in case of cash flow. So I came up with the suggestion that I thought the guys should sell finance.” He explained to Mac G and Len. “This guy then took those tweets, then went and made a video with all of those tweets. And then I tweeted and was like – this guy took my tweets.”

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