Sizwe Dhlomo's Savage Clapback At Troll

"There's a difference between noise and content"

By  | Nov 26, 2021, 07:25 AM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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It was not that long ago when media personality Sizwe Dhlomo was put on the spotlight after former colleague Unathi Nkayi almost ruined his career. The presenter took to Twitter to address some of the allegations that were made against him by Unathi and fans were divided as to who between the two was telling the truth.

There is no denying that Sizwe has always been very passionate and vocal about the things that matter to him most. It therefore came as no surprise to many when Sizwe decided to recently shut down a troll who, well, had been asking too many questions about Sizwe’s and fellow industry mates' salary.

Taking to his Twitter, Sizwe had just shared a photo of his screen at the studio, musing at how many ads his show was getting. Following his tweet, tweeps took to ask him how much a DJ got paid in the industry, little did he know that the whole conversation was about to get messy.

In his retweet, Sizwe answered to say that not all deejays get paid the same salary, and I mean that makes sense right? But what followed however, was a tweep who went on to ask Sizwe to give the specific numbers or an average of how much their salary amounted to.

Sizwe was kind enough to answer by saying, “Well this isn’t an average but depending on where & who you are, you’ll get six figures a month.”  What followed after was the tweep mocking Sizwe’s answer, saying that the figures were too low especially because radio presenters “talk too much”

Hilariously, Sizwe immediately responded to the tweep with a response that made the troll cage in defeat. 

“Lol! Firstly, six figures isn’t a bar. Six zeros is a bar. Secondly, it’s not about how much you talk, it’s about what you say. That’s what you get paid for. The difference between noise & content.” said a proud Sizwe.

That comment itself was enough to send the troll packing to where he came from. We know because he immediately agreed with Sizwe and did not bring it up again. Guess he did not see that coming.

That aside and now that we are talking about money, it makes sense that Sizwe would talk this casually about money seeing that he is one of the best paid media personalities across Mzansi.

On many occasions the radio presenter has boasted of his properties and horses giving his fans and followers just a taste of his big fat pay cheque. How much do you think he gets paid though?

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