Vusi Nova’s “Hair” Continues to “Grow”

By now, we all know it's not really his…

By  | May 28, 2022, 12:14 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Fashion

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Vusi Nova in 2022 has turned from celebrated singer to S’Nova, Somizi Mhlongo’s best friend and latest right hand following the purge of TT Mbha. However, the biggest fascination of the year in terms of the As’phelelanga hitmaker is terms of his continually growing “hair.”

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This is as the musician continues to prove that nothing grows more than hair that is not actually grown, but bought… allegedly that is. A recent video shared by Vusi Nova has proven that despite the cries of the general public, that the musician turned reality star is intent on proving that his hair will “grow.” But let before that, like his alleged receding real hair, let us start somewhere in the middle of the hair story.  

Vusi Nova introduces S’Nova 

Vusi Nova was known as a Afro-Soul musician with SAMAs to back up his talent. But in November 2021, he surprised fans and South Africans when he changed his whole look and feel with the introduction of his Amapiano persona, S’Nova. In December he then released his first single under his new alias titled Shuku Shuku, an arguably underwhelming Amapiano song which failed to make an impact, which might be the reason that S’Nova hasn’t since returned with new music. 

But the biggest attraction, for lack of a better word, for S’Nova was the matter of Nova’s “growing” hair. First introduced as a “S-Curl” inspired German cut.

The then short haircut was questioned as a wig, but in the spirit of being anti hair-shaming, the public left the issue to speculation. But it seems that Vusi Nova is committed to proving that his “growing hair” is in fact his. 

Vusi Nova’s “Hair” Continues to “Grow”

Since debuting his new hair look with the introduction of S’Nova, Vusi Nova has proven that no music scandal, dating scandal or public outcry can stop him from growing his hair length. From the S-Curl he first introduced with S’Nova in November 2021, the Thandiwe hitmaker has proven that he can let go of his alter ego as fast as his inches can grow. 
First the S-Curl morphed into a questionable wavy-bob situation which got more attention than the scandal of his allegedly exploitation of Ndincede collaborator Tanky-Tanky. Already, by the time that his inches were extending, the public could not help but discern that Vusi’s hair is his because he bought it, and not because he grew it.
But if you think that would stop him from showing that nothing grows more than hair that is bought, well, like us, you were wrong. It seems that Vusi Nova is committed to growing the hair for as long as possible as his latest social media post with best friend and now confirmed platonic companion, Somizi Mhlongo, revealed that Vusi has recently had a visit to the salon and got more inches this time around. To top off his newly added extensions, Vusi Nova opted to let his equally shiny outfit share the spotlight. While we appreciate the commitment to proving us wrong, the real question is when will it stop.

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