Stogie T Addresses Nota Brawl In New Song

"Was ready to put a dental plate on freckle face"

By  | Oct 11, 2021, 10:51 AM  | Stogie T  | Drama

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Rapper Stogie T is not done with Nota Baloyi as he has released a new track addressing the incident which took place last week. The two got into it a a Hip Hop event as they have been beefing for some time now.

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Stogie T released a new single titled Mama Say and in it he addresses Nota Baloyi fight and said he almost knocked his teeth out. From our interpretation of the lyrics which he shared on his social media, he talks about how his mother is his voice of reason which helped him break away from the fight. As a Christian he also says his beliefs also played a role, as the Lord told him to retain his grace.

In one of the lines he says, "My guys might kill him, I am conflicted by religion." Stogie in his statement, sent out an apology to his wife, mother and church as a whole. He values religion and had to apologize for doing something which had tainted his image as a God fearing man.

Speaking about his fight a few lines later, he says "Mamma think I lost it, I am trying to protect her honour."

In the second verse, Stogie talks about Nota again and said he almost sent him to the dentist. "Mamma say let em hate, was ready to put a dental plate on freckle face," he raps.

He then says the Lord spoke to him advising that he should retain his grace during the fight, hence him breaking away.

His fans hyped his new single and said it is fire, with the use of fire emojis. Others could not help but notice the Nota references and how he took jabs at him.

Nota on the other hand said Stogie did not touch him one bit during their fight. He also said neither did he but he managed to pin him down to prevent from getting hit. "He didn't even scratch me, didn't even come near me. He tried to swipe at me but he was so slow, I could duck, move, grab his hand and make sure his fist hits the ground before he could hit the ground," he said, adding that Stogie bounced on his belly.

Their fight was long pending since last year where Stogie was supposed to pull up at his place as he dropped his location but Stogie never pitched. The reason for this fight was apparently because Stogie slapped a woman in his quest to find Nota. "I walked up to Stogie T after he told a friend of mine that he was looking for me. They got into a fight and he ended [up] punching a woman because of that fight."

In his statement however, Stogie refutes claims of being a woman beater. He listed the many times Nota came for him and his family, "Nota Baloyi has made a name for himself by slandering various creatives in the arts and culture space, with the particular vitriol reserved for me.

“He has lied about encounters, charged me with destroying culture, one time suggesting my mother was a corrupt public servant who cheated the state to prop up my European tours with Tumi and The Volume, and most recently, suggesting I am a woman beater."

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