Tbo Touch On His American Accent

Here's why he twangs so much

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For years people were questioning Tbo Touch's American accent wondering if he had it all along. His real name is Thabo Molefe and is not only popular for his controversial tweets, but his "fake accent."

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Tbo Touch was Mac G's latest guest and he spoke openly about his accent and where it comes from. Tbo Touch was in New York and his American accent was just starting to kick in, before he got a call from Metro FM boss. He then gives a little back story on how his accent came about.

He said it started in high school where the kids in his school, we are guessing white kids, mocked his accent saying they could not understand him. "Do you know how difficult it is when you are in high school and all your friends are like 'what are you saying?' All of your friends in high school and I'm not talking about university, high school. And then they would ask each other, 'what did he just say?"

That is when he realised that he needed to sound like the rest of them otherwise he would lose out on a prom date.

"There's this exhaustion that comes with time to say these guys don't hear me...I'm going to try my best for them to hear me. Unfortunately it became slightly permanent."
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From there onwards, he never let it go and it has stuck with him. So much so that people are now getting fed up by it and mock him for it. A few years back, Tbo Touch made a controversial statement about a street beggar being where he is at because of the way he thinks. "The only difference between the guy I just drove pass begging in streets and myself is our mental disposition. Let's change how we THINK".

Tbo Touch encouraged people to get themselves tested for the Coronavirus. He noticed the amount of RIP's he was seeing on the timeline.
"Moreover, we are spiritually and physically ready to defeat you. Let's go out and test guys, For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds 2 Cor10:4"

In other news DJ Fresh has spoken out about the rape allegations levelled against him on Mac G's podcast and chill, “I am for if a crime has been committed then let the law take its course. It’s easy to stay behind the computer and accuse people of stuff. But seriously vele it could be anyone and unfortunately we're in an industry where a lot of people consume alcohol and a lot of sh..t happens. Unfortunately, this event never happened. Do you know what I mean?” He said.

“In fact, It was sad when the NPA actually. Okay, I was in two emotions when the NPA said they were not going to prosecute. I was happy because you don’t really want to go through a rape trial. Nobody wants to go through a rape trial. But if there isn’t a trial, then it’s in the air for people to decide what they wanna believe. And for me therein lies the problem because if the NPA is saying there is no reasonable prospect of a conviction. It doesn’t mean you didn’t do it. It just means they can’t prove it and for me, that’s a problem. Hence we went the route we were going. That we need to prove that this person is talking rubbish.”

Fresh and Tbo Touch might join hands with the other Fired crew from radio, and form Fired FM. Would that be a hit?

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