Thuso Mbedu Gets Attacked

Was she wrong for this?

By  | May 06, 2021, 11:02 AM  | Thuso Mbedu  | Drama

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Just days before the premier of her highly anticipated drama series The Underground Railroad, you would think Thuso Mbedu would trend for all the right reasons. That is not the case, Thuso is getting attacked on Twitter for thanking Mac G for his shoutout on his podcast.

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Mac G gave Thuso Mbedu a shoutout for the amazing things she is doing in America. He then implied that she is dating Dr. Musa Mthombeni. An allegation of which she denied.

On Twitter she wrote, "Thank you @podcastwithmacg for the shoutout. Congrats and well done for the leaps y'all are making. And no angijoli noMusa waze wangishimisa ngimncane (I am not dating Musa why are you making me single at this young age.)

"Dr Musa, please get married soon and make a huge spectacle out of it so the world knows that we were never a thing,"
she hilariously said.

After her tweet she immediately got dragged and got called a homophobe because she is sharing jokes with an already labelled homophobe, Mac G. She asked a tweep who dragged why is she being called out because she was merely thanking them for their love.

"The way ngidideke ngakhona (I am so confused). What's being investigated? Bathe congrats. I said thanks. I'm not sure what's going on beyond that," she clarified.

After being bullied and other threatening to boycott her premier, she deleted the post after consulting with a trusted acquaintance.

"I deleted a previous post as it seems to have offended some. I didn’t know why so I went to someone that I trust & who I knew could give me better insight. Others chose to educate me and it’s out of care and respect for them that I deleted my post.

She then slammed the bullies who came at her sideways, "Please note, “Delete this” and throwing side comments doesn’t educate anyone on anything & as a result, little to nothing is changed."

Siding with Thuso were tweeps who were enraged at the fact that people wanted her cancelled whereas there are celebs who go on the show weekly. They also called out those who slammed Thuso but praise Bujy who is a member of the community.

"Weekly there’s celebrities visiting MacG’s podcast and Thuso thanks him for a shoutout and suddenly she’s getting attacked? What about those who go there every week?

"Since Thuso is being classified a homophobe for thanking MacG, is Bujy also a homophobe for working with MacG? Are the celebrities that go on the podcast weekly for profiling also homophobes? Lol you guys and your prepaid selective activism, you’ve been waiting for Thuso.
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