Bonang Teases B*Dazzled 2.0 Next Episodes Release Date

Queen B* might just reveal her man from the date she shared.

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Bonang Matheba started the year off on a high note when her first official move was to reintroduce her revamped YouTube-based reality show B*Dazzled. More than just introducing the revamped return of her popular reality show, Matheba started a new channel along with the YouTube channel.

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In the ten days since she made the announcement, the channel which started with no subscribers has since climbed up to over 36.6k subscribers and over 276k views on the video and counting. 
Due to the success of the first video the question on many of her subscribers and followers has been, “When is the next upload coming?” 

Bonang teases B*Dazzled 2.0 next episodes release date

Usually the procedure for consistent YouTubers is to upload a video at least weekly. However, with top tier YouTubers like Kay Yarms, they post a single video a month. It seems that Matheba is putting herself against these YouTubers. This is as a fan took to Twitter to ask when they can expect her next upload. 

Bonang chose to respond by teasing the date as Valentine’s Day which is set to be on Tuesday, 14 February 2023. A tweet which due to the emoji added suggests that Matheba might be ready to showcase the mystery man she has been keeping mum. 
This is as Matheba did tease during the first episode of B*Dazzled 2.0 that she was ready to open up more about her personal life. However, then in the confessional interview, Matheba did seem to back paddle as she suggested that she is open to any questions about her work. But what she is not willing to talk about is the matter of her private life. 

Moreover, she denied that she is currently dating one of the Major League DJz, which has been a running speculation in the media due to their social media interaction. But who knows, maybe her man is actually in the US somewhere. A fact which would explain her relocation considering that she has not done much “work” since her relocation. 

Whatever the case maybe, it will be interesting to see if Matheba shares what exactly she is doing in the US. More so considering all the drama she experienced during her recent travels back to the US. This is as it seemed that she and cousin Pinky Girl were on bad terms with one another.

Reported earlier in the week: 

…As [Matheba] plans her return [to reality television or vlogging], it seems that she wanted to bring Pinky Girl along to possibly feature her in upcoming episodes of B*Dazzled 2.0. However, in a subliminal tweet expressed how this was not possible because this time Pinky Girl has a visa, what she did do was get vaccinated so she can’t come. 

Matheba than confirmed that she was planning her trip to the US where it was required that all persons who come into the country need to be vaccinated. At the time, the banter was taken as light-hearted banter between cousins who got along. But it quickly became clear that this was not the case as Pinky Girl vented on the blue app. As reported
First, Pinky Girl seemed to suggest that Matheba was using her and initially she was okay with it. However, now she does not feel like associating with the media personality due to what she will earn.

She then asserted that she can afford to go to the US through her own means without the assistance of her cousin. But she did not stop there, Pinky Girl then continued her clapback to her cousin Dorothy by also labelling her as fake and shallow.

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