"This Is The Worst Highest Paid DJ"

The Uncle Waffles slander continues

By  | Nov 19, 2021, 02:46 PM  | Drama

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Another day, another Uncle Waffles slander and this time it is from the notorious celebrity basher Slik Talk. In true Slik Talk fashion, he did not hold back anything and dished out on how he really feels about Uncle Waffles and we hope she stays away from the internet this time around because the shots are lethal.

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"This girl is the worst highest paid DJ I ever heard in my life. Everything about her set was garbage...the mixing, the songs, she was playing songs from 2019."

"This is what I hate about this whole internet sensation thing, we overhype people  and make them think that they are talented. Uncle Waffles has zero talent. She is a pretty girl but she is not talented. She can dance and she has a great stomach but we have a million other talented dancers.

"When the Adiwele song falls off will Uncle Waffles be here? I don't thinks so," dissed the YouTuber.

If that wasn't enough, he even took shots at Kamo Mphela, "Uncle Waffles, you are 10KGs away from falling off, ask Kamo Mphela she knows," he trolled.

Uncle Waffles is tired of the trolling and even issued a statement defending herself and her team from trolls.

A part of her statement reads, "Everything being posted is being twisted and taken out of context, KK and everyone is my family. My moment is being striped away because now people in my life who helped me and believed in me before a lot of people are becoming affected. Even making the decision a few days ago to no longer handle my social media Bc I was becoming overwhelmed and hyper focusing on the hate."

She says she appreciates the love she is getting from people, "I appreciate all the love above all else, I needed to clarify this. Those are my people who are part of my everyday and have really held me down. Letโ€™s not touch that part. Even typing this with the feeling that it will still be altered sucks as well, genuinely my people love me."

Waffles even took to social media to repost the mean comments she sees and is not phased.

Slik Talk has been on a roll this week, mopping the floor with Cassper Nyovest and saying he lacks emotional intelligence. โ€œI want to talk about this insecure high school drop off called Cassper Nyovest. This nigga has the nerve to call me and Mac G his enemies and say we are creating an alliance against him. My n*gga grow up. I know you didnt finish your full course in high school and you still miss the life but we are not in high school anymore,โ€ he ranted.

โ€œFirst of all this is what I was saying about emotional intelligence intelligence, something you don't know about Cassper. Everything that I said about you in my video was facts. Your music is trash and thatโ€™s a fact. Your TV show is flopping that's a fact. Your merch is garbage and no one has bought it. This year and that's a fact. No one is conspiring against you. Stop behaving like a teenage girl,โ€ he said.

This comes after Mac G and his team trolled Cassper's Braai Show and said the number are terrible, โ€œThe Braai Show, I thought you will mention The Braai Show, it seems like no one is watching The Braai Show,โ€ said Sol. Mac G then said, โ€œThe numbers are bad, terrible.โ€

After exchanging a few laughs and thoughts about the ratings, Mac G took another jab at Cassper, โ€œThe Podcast without Sol is like The Braai Show without AKA,โ€ they laughed.

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