Young, Rich, and African Star Annie Idibia Drags Entitled Brother To Filth.

She describes her brother as lazy and entitled

By  | Apr 01, 2022, 09:24 AM  | Drama

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Young, Rich, and Famous star and wife to 2Baba, Annie Idibia has been making headlines since the premiere of the Netflix Original with many calling her the face of resilience while others continue to mock her love and resilience in her relationship with Nigerian superstar 2Baba even after numerous infidelities. This week, Annie finds herself in hot waters with the tabloids after being called out and accused by her own brother Uduak Wisdom Macauley for allegedly introducing him to hard drugs amongst other things.

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Wisdom Macauley took these accusations to Instagram on Wednesday the 30th of March saying that his sister Annie exploited him and turned him into a slave, refusing to pay him all of the money he’d earned from working for the actress. He further added:

"Hello Nigerians, my name is Wisdom Macaulay, I am the elder brother of Annie Macaulay Idibia. I’m crying out for help at this moment because my life is been threatened. I have been working with my sister for some time but she would never pay me my dues," he complained.

"She would rather send me N20,000 or N30,000…turn me to her slave and she can decide when she is angry to end it. Some weeks back, her husband sent me some money that I have been begging him for years."

"The money wasn’t so much but I used it to settle my home. I have a wife from Imo State and I am yet to pay her bride price because I don’t have money."
"Annie introduced me to drugs, hard drugs, Annie takes drugs, she is a drug addict, she takes it every day, she is so violent, she doesn’t have peace with anyone, she fights everybody.”

Annie has since responded with a lengthy and emotional statement on Instagram denying these accusations and claiming that her brother is lazy and irresponsible. She further adds that he has never paid for any bills and has been dependent on her since the passing of their father.

“You live in a bedroom flat fully furnished with everything you need for you and kids… Wisdom you have three kids, have you ever paid for their school fees since they were born? For nine years since your wife started making babies.”

“Have you ever paid hospital bills for any of your kids? Have you ever paid school fees? I hate all these lies, why? I am at the peak of my career, Please bro why all these lies just because I said you cannot be my manager.”

“I have so many voice notes from your wife but I won’t disgrace you and put it out here! I am tired! Do as you like! The universe will protect me, my hard work, my kids, my family.”

“Let the world believe anything! My name is Annie! I am not the lies you are saying! I work damn hard, not lazy!”

“This Entitlement! Wow, bro! I wish you well”

Her disagreement with him began when she refused to make him her manager, a position she did not feel comfortable in. Additionally, she said she has been responsible for his family's upkeep for many years. Her brother threatened to kill himself several times due to petty reasons, she said. Annie's final message to him was to stop acting like he was entitled to her success and money and to leave her family alone.

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