"Your Entire Existence Is Nauseating" - Ari Lennox to Mr Smeg

Ari Lennox drags Twitter influencer Mr Smeg

By  | Apr 13, 2022, 05:58 PM  | Drama

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Social Media sensation Michael Bucwa popularly known as Mr Smeg and for being Pearl Thusi’s internet boyfriend is making trends on Twitter today following the intense shade that Ari Lennox threw his way. The American Soul and R&B singer has had many disagreements with South Africa as a whole after the Podcast and Chill interview with Mac G but this time, her beef is directed towards Mr. Smeg.

This comes after a tweet Mr Smeg shared earlier today showing love and complementing Ari on her looks. Mr Smeg said, “Hey Ari, you are beautiful and I love your music. When are you coming to South Africa?”
Ari did not hesitate to clap back at Mr Smeg with a shady remark. The singer replied to him and said, “No thanks Smega! Your entire existence is nauseating,” she wrote.
The singer has since removed the post on Twitter but it had already caught Mr Smeg’s attention and he is on his feelings about it. “I need a shoulder to cry on”, the Twitter influencer wrote over a screenshot of Ari’s response to his tweet.

The American singer might still have a bone to pick with South Africa and Mr Smeg, unfortunately, happened to catch the stray. She trended in Mzansi a few months ago after saying that she would never set foot in or perform in South Africa after she had felt violated from an interview she had with podcaster Mac G.

The controversial podcaster Mac G cornered Ari Lennox with explicitly sexual questions about one of her lyrics and many social media users felt that the question was blundering.

In an older tweet she shared, Ari said, “South Africa, y’all got it! Heard you loud and clear. This won’t be a place I will ever visit.”
But Mac G swallowed his pride and shared an official statement apologizing to the superstar. He said in an episode of Higher Learning, “I want to sincerely apologize for that question and how it made her feel. And everything that came after that interview dropped. I’m not a malicious person.” He added that “I don’t hate anyone. I have the utmost respect for women. I would love to also genuinely apologize to Ari and everyone who I might have offended with those comments.”

The social media streets have since started interacting with Mr Smeg’s call out with much showing support towards him while others continue to shade him. One Tweep even dug up an old tweet from Mr Smeg where he actually said Ari Lennox is not beautiful and that could maybe be a tweet Aril came across ahead of her response to Mr Smeg.

Another Twitter user who gave their observation of the situation said that “I could be wrong but I   think her [Ari] response is attributed to the whole SA based on the current situation.”

Mr Smeg’s Twitter account is popularly known for showing love and complimenting a lot of beautiful women and he usually gets good credit for it. He is deemed as one of Twitter’s gentlemen and one would not expect such backlash from him being polite.
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