Is Zahara's Drinking Problem Back Again?

Tweeps shocked by a video of her performing

By  | Dec 06, 2021, 08:33 AM  | Zahara  | Drama

Image of Zahara
Zahara has had a rough public career, and she has been publicly suspected of having a drinking problem. Despite her beautiful voice and musical skills, videos of her looking and acting drunk have tainted her career for years. And now tweeps are worried and convinced that she should seek professional help. 
In a recent emerging video, the singer looks tired and disoriented at a concert, and her voice sounds nothing like the Zahara fans know and love. In fact, she sounds so off that a fellow performer up on stage with her looks confused for a moment. Have a look. 
The video has attracted a lot of controversy. Many tweeps believe she was drunk during the concert, which would explain the odd behaviour. They are now calling for her to seek rehabilitation before it turns nasty. 

In discussing the latest video, tweeps are now digging up an old video of her interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, on which she swore she did not have a drinking problem. In the episode, she said no pictures or videos had ever emerged of her drinking or even holding a drink, yet Mzansi was insistent on believing that she had a problem. 
Speaking to MacG, she said that her fans should focus on the legendary albums she keeps dropping, rather than forcing drama where there was none, with a “drinking problem”. 
But in light of this new video, fans are convinced they were on to something. Even then, she said that she had quit drinking after she had one bottle of wine one time and it knocked her out. She explained that she had started drinking when she was 24 years old, but had realised that alcohol doesn’t work for her, and she chose to turn to God instead. 
The singer has had a tough year. She was brutally dragged online for performing at an EFF event at the height of political rallies. She defended herself saying the pandemic was tough on her too, and she didn’t get the relief money that artists were promised. She also briefly had some trouble with the law, but it seems it was all resolved. 

However, it hasn’t all been bad. This year, she went into business. She announced that she would be launching Country Girl, a haircare line which she would own half of. 
There is no doubt that her loyal fans will be waiting for her to come out and clarify what the video was all about. Although it sometimes seems mean spirited, deep down, her fans are truly concerned for her, and would not want to see her walk down the path to destruction. 

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