Drama As Zola 7’s Family Allegedly Denies Him Rehab

The MEC may be halting their assistance to him too

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 11:27 AM  | Zola 7  | Drama

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Zola 7 has had some rocky last few months, but it all seemed to be working out for him in the end. At least it was so until reports emerged that he allegedly needs to go to rehab, but his family will not agree on whether that is the best course of action for him. 
The Kwaito legend was recently thrust back into the spotlight after a long time away, but not in the best light. He was rumoured to have all but thrown his life away, as videos were leaked of him looking tired and spent.

But Mzansi came together for him rather beautifully, and showered him with a lot of love. His bank account details were revealed at the fans’ request, and they contributed from the bottom of their hearts, because of all the love they have for him. 
However, even then, some questioned whether giving him money was the best thing for him, as it seemed that he needed more help than just money could provide. Some suggested that he needed medical intervention to cope with epilepsy, which he revealed that he had been diagnosed with. Others concluded that his wasted look was from overindulgence in alcohol and drugs, and thought that what he required was rehabilitation. 

Well, it looks like his family members also think he needs rehab – at least some of them do. As Sunday World reports, the Kwaito legend was working with Gauteng MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Raheloko in a campaign to help him and to motivate the youth, but his family has now asked her to pull the plug on the campaign. 
According to the report, the MEC revealed in a video that Zola 7’s family has been split on whether going to rehab is best for him. Allegedly, his wife revealed that he wants to go to rehab himself, but the rest of the family does not agree. 

Nomantu had further urged the public to convince him to go to rehab. But as some fans have pointed out, this revelation makes little sense since he is apparently already willing to go. 
There is one glaring omission, though. Neither the family nor the MC gives any details on what exactly he needs rehab for. The last we knew, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, which usually gets treatment but does not require rehabilitation. This has raised suspicion among his fans, as they wonder whether a drug problem is being hidden from the public.

This is a developing story, and the family is yet to respond to these reports. 
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