"You Are In Our Prayers"

Mzansi comforts Zozibini following the tragic passing of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 09:04 AM  | Zozibini Tunzi  | Drama

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The tragic passing of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, has sent shockwaves across the world. According to reports, the beauty queen plunged to her death from the 29th floor of the New York City high-rise building.

It is unclear why she took her own life. However, she posted a haunting final message on her Instagram, just before she fell to her death from her condo.

In her final message, she wrote, “May this day bring you rest and peace.” Chelsi shared an apartment with former Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi in 2019, where they formed a strong bond. The two became besties and Mzansi can't fathom what Zozibini is going through right now.

In 2019, Zozibini posted an Instagram story in which Cheslie welcomed her into the apartment and wrote, "I adore this woman so much. Here's to creating great memories roomie,"

Zozibini's fans took to their Twitter accounts to comfort her following her loss.
According to the New York Post, Cheslie left a suicide note behind and said all of her possessions should be left to her mother.

Her family confirmed the tragic news in a heartbreaking statement. “In devastation and great sorrow, we share the passing of our beloved Cheslie. Her great light was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. She cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined.

“Cheslie embodied love and served others, whether through her work as an attorney fighting for social justice, as Miss USA and as a host on EXTRA,. But most importantly as a daughter, sister, friend, mentor and colleague — we know her impact will live on.”

Her death has prompted a conversation about mental health. Cheslie advocated for mental health. In October 2019, she shared a message with her Facebook fans on World Mental Health Day, sharing tips on stress management. 

“I do a lot to make sure that I maintain my mental health,” she said. “And the most important thing that I did is talk to a counselor. She’s really easy to talk to. She gives me great strategies especially if I’m sad or happy or have a busy month ahead of me. 

“When I’m not talking to my counselor, I spend time at the end of every single day to just decompress,” Kryst added. “I unplug, I shut my phone off, I don’t answer messages. I just sit and watch my favorite movies.”

May her soul rest in peace.

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