#MondayMotivation: Take a dive with Omuhle Gela

Her bikini looks are always a great motivation to prepare for your own swim suit look by taking swimming lessons.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Omuhle Makaziwe Gela  | Fashion

Omuhle Gela

In 2014, Omuhle Gela launched her own swimwear titled Twenty Swimwear after she struggled to find swimwear that suited her body shape. Which is great, but there also various ways you can ensure that you fit into that swimsuit you've been eyeing since last December.

Longevitylive.com reveals that taking a dive on a hot day has more benefits than just cooling you down.

Swimming is a form of exercise that happens to feel quite rejuvenating and fun, but it turns out you could feel more positive by just drenching yourself in the water.

Now you're probably reading this and thinking, 'but I can't swim.' Err that's what swimming lessons are there for?

Omuhle Gela

You don’t have to have all the techniques right, start small, do a couple of simple exercises you’d do outside either your pool or a pool at the gym. These are exercises that are guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again.


Try jogging in one place or doing kickboard workouts that can make for an excellent leg workout. Leg day has just been made easy.

Practice makes perfect, as long as you’re consistent with it. So when jogging in the water becomes too easy for you, try the squat jump exercise, squat down with your arms extended at shoulder height; then jump as high as possible while raising arms overhead. This is a great exercise for that perfect firm butt while getting rid of saggy arms


You burn calories and in turn lose weight when you’re swimming, that’s if you do it enough to run out of breath. But you might want to look good while you have fun burning calories. South African actress Omuhle Gela showed us that she’s a girl with many talents when she launched her Twenty Swimwear in 2014 and her Sophomore range in 2016.

Her swimsuits make curvaceous women feel proud of their body with swimwear that celebrates their curves. Omuhle had said that because she had always struggled with getting swimsuits that fitted her body, she decided to fill that gap in the South African market.

Although wearing a swimsuit and appearing in public could motivate you to shed some weight, Omuhle Gela’s swimsuit range promotes body comfort. So being a little thick is not a bad thing, especially if you’re catered for.


So the cherry on top to all these benefits? You get to not only to cool off [ https://goo.gl/pTm5kh ]  but  feel great and look great while at it; so feel free to get a matching beach ball to match your dazzling swimwear, so you can slay by the poolside and have fun while molding your body goals.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Omuhle_Gela

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