ZAlebs heats things up with FHM Model Shashi Naidoo

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Shashi Naidoo  | Fashion

Last week we introduced you to Shashi Naidoo, the new face of Wella's hair colorant brand, Koleston. This week we chatted to the FHM model to find out a little more about her new role, and what she thinks of the African Modeling Industry. 

How has it been being the new ambassador of Kolestone hair?

Funny enough I never ever thought I’d actually be a model when growing up but one thing I always wanted was to be pampered and have my hair done all the time.  So in a way I kind of am living my childhood dream of always getting my hair done, and the fact that my hair is done my local top hairstylist Carl Isaacs is pretty amazing.  They’ve also provided me with

Africa’s Next Top Model auditions and series are underway this month, what are you hoping the show achieves in helping Africa’s aspiring models?

I think Next Top Model really does find amazing, beautiful talent regardless if it’s the American or African version.  This time around I really do hope the show makes modelling the main thread in introducing African girls to a vast world filled with success and opportunities to make these girls realise that they can definitely make a career out of being a part of this show. For example if we look at African super-models like Aluchi and how successful she’s become through modelling, so for me it’s not only about winning but it’s about the exposure the girls will get and meeting the right clientele when out there in the world of fashion.   I’m also hoping the show teaches these aspiring models the formula of how to survive and sustain themselves in the modelling industry because I just love watching peoples career grow in our industry.

What’s has been your most memorable photo-shoot as a model? 

*SIGH!* I’ve had favourite photographers and people that I enjoy working with whom I also refer to as my dream team, so it’s a bit of a difficult question but I definitely enjoyed my Cosmopolitan cover photo shoot because firstly I thought they had made a mistake by choosing me for the cover that’s why for a while I didn’t tell anyone about the photo-shoot until the cover was out..  But my favourite and memorable photo-shoot has to be when I won the FHM under 30 competition, what was cool about that photo-shoot is that I was actually over 30 at that time and when I was told that we were going to shoot the cover in a month I panicked because I thought I wasn’t ready so immediately after they called me I went straight to gym.

Speaking about gym,  ZAlebs recently did an interview with Mika Stefano who said he’d love to force feed you some Wakaberry because he felt that you’re missing out on some delicious treats because of your low carb diet what’s your take on that?

[Laughing] What!? Mika’s hilarious….but anyway since that all white party incident him and I have been punching jabs towards each other about low carbs and so forth, but that incident was so many months ago and everyone including the media had a great run with in terms of P.R but in all I would definitely eat the Wakaberry yoghurt force-fed to me by Mika it’s absolutely delicious!

Will you be attending the YOU Spectacular Awards this year, and which ZAlebrity do you feel does most deserve for this award?

Unfortunately I won’t be in the country on the day of the awards and you know I’m going to be very biased and admit that one of my best friends is nominated for two categories, her name is Jay Anstey who plays the role of ‘Charlie Holmes’ on “Isidingo” .  I’ve known Jay since she was 15 years old, so I’ve seen her mature into this beautiful woman and talented actress/model.  I’m rooting for to either take the sexiest woman award or the best actress award although she’s not interested in the sexiest woman category she’s more interested in the sexiest actress category.


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