Naakmusiq On Prince Kaybee Beef And Nandi Mbatha

He is spilling the tea

By  | Mar 18, 2021, 01:30 PM 

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In another exciting episode of Podcast And Chill with Mac G, the guest was none other than singer, actor and businessman Naakmusiq.

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During the interview, Mac asked Anga about his controversial beef with Prince Kaybee and the star detailed how it started off.

"That started off very nicely and I'm very comfortable talking about this guy because even me, I don't understand where it went wrong. Kaybee was always at Afro and he was hanging around with Tira a lot and so was I." He says. "We did a lot couple of gigs together and then I was on Whatsapp with Kaybee on a regular basis.

"I don't know what started it but I remember, I mean If I consider you as my brother, I should be able to tell you when you are doing something wrong. In fact, if I don't tell you that then I don't consider you as my brother. So it was one of those situations, I don't even know what it was about. I remember just saying something and then he laughed and said it's just me being competitive."

From there onwards, things started getting very tense between the two.

"Then it got a bit tense, I had just bought this M6 that's parked outside. And then I saw his Whatsapp status, he said, 'This car looks like a boat' the image was of the same car as mine and a trash emoji next to it and I laughed and said if only you knew how much the extras alone on that car cost, it could probably buy a couple of your entry-level Mercedes Benz."

Anga maintains it was all just banter from his side. "And again, that was banter. So that is not when the beef started but I sensed a bit of animosity but I remember not to long after that sending a text to Prince Kaybee, saying - at the end of the day be likeable. A lot of people will misinterpret the kind of person you are and that was long before he because big on Twitter. Then I saw him posting Whatsapp status directed at me."

We all know their infamous Twar that followed after the events mentioned. The former Generations actor also addressed his relationship with Nandi Mbatha, saying that it wasn't anything serious.

"I didn't really date Nandi, to be honest. It was during the lockdown and we were working on a campaign together. We were shooting at a lot of content here so a lot of the time she was here at my house. We've all had girlfriends in the past and it didn't work.'
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