Naak Musiq's Account Is Hacked

A hacker is living their best life with Naak Musiq's Twitter account

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If you thought you were having a bad week, think again. Anga Makubalo, better known as Naak Musiq has been going through the most in the past few days. The popular star no longer owns his account, it has been hijacked by an unknown Turkish man.

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Naak Musiq's account has been hijacked since yesterday evening when the hijacker posted his profile picture to introduce himself to Naaq's more than 560 thousand Twitter followers. The thief has been living his best life since on Naaq Musiq's account and Tweeps can't stop themselves from trolling the thief.

"Heh My friend, you were asked to fix the phone only!!"

"My friend is probably testing the phone after fixing it."

"Kanti even verified accounts get hacked? Hayi ngiyabonga I will stay with my two followers and not verified, Thank you!"

"2020 is full of surprises ne. This muf hacked NaakMusiQ account and post 1 million pictures in 1 hour"
Since the hacking, countless accounts have been trying to pose as Naaq Musik's new account and requesting people to either follow them or avoid being scammed. But DJ Tira has come out to expose these opportunistic tweeps who are posing as the talented musician.

"Hey guys, I have been hacked So please do not send money to anybody, plz!!! if my real account asks you to do so. I have informed @Twitter about this fraud hence I created this temporary account."

It seems the problems don't seem to end for the music sensation, we wouldn't be surprised if it was Prince Kaybee who hired someone to hack the stars account, given that the two are always at loggerheads on Twitter. Naaq Musik had told Prince Kaybee about his irritation with him, to which the producer pleaded, asking him to give him a chance to explain.  

“I was just responding to many of the tweeps in your status because of the many tags I got like you have done several times on my posts. I did not think it’s a problem I apologize. BUT.... I have a ask please allow me.”  

To which Anga responded with, 

“You're being weird. @PrinceKaybee_SA awuboni ba ayindim lo suba yi toffee.” 

The two have never seen eye to eye since but we would be surprised if Prince Kaybee took the beef this far, meanwhile, Naak Musiq is yet to release a statement or confirm which of the many Twitter accounts that are posing as him actually belong to him.

We can only hope that there wasn't any major damage done besides just this hacking and that he is back online soon, in the meantime, opportunists will try and pose as him.

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