Celeb Kids In Botswana Are Cute

Living a lavish lifestyle and it's all thanks to their parents

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento 

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The one thing that every parents wishes is to forever cherish the moments that they spend with their kids. These celeb kids in Botswana are not the ones to shy away from gracing us with their presence on their parents' social media profiles. 

We decided to tally up some our favourite coolest, lovable, cutest, most fashionable Botswana celebrity kids-just to take the spotlight off their folks for a second...give them a young break, hey? 

1. Diphetogo “Dipsy” Selolwane & Marang Molosiwa's baby, Nami

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Only 3 months into the family, only 3 months into this world, but number one on this list, this bundle of joy is already making a name for herself. You cannot deny that everybody was excited for the arrival of the this little girl, Nami, especially after her yummy mommy Marang Molosiwa gave us an exceptionally beautiful and classy pregnancy shoot, as well as those snaps of her baby shower on Marang's IG.

It's understandable why the couple was super excited about this princesses arrival, as it's their first child together.

2. Kagiso Sento & Vee Mampeezy's kids, Elijah and Armani

Kagiso Sento with Elijah and Armani as an infant

These parents will probably be dubbed as the cool parents and Elijah and Armani are going to have to deal with the temporary embarrassment. But, when it comes to this list, we’re not focused on the parents- this time it’s all about the kids! These two mostly stay incognito as their parents protect them from the world that is social media. And seeing that Vee is one of the most influential musicians in the Southern part of Africa and Kagiso is one of the prettiest women in Bots (we weep softly),showing off her business smarts- we can understand how these high profile Tswalebs want to let their kids keep a low profile and enjoy being kids. 

What we have noticed about these two siblings is that they are close and adorable. We have a feeling that these two will follow in their parents footsteps because they stay close to them whenever they can. But kids-remember no pressure.

3. Mercy Thebe's son, Weno and princess Lisa

Mercy should be commended for being such a super woman. As much as she is a socialite, and is busy most of the time,when it comes to her kids, they always get the first preference.

We can't deny the fact that Mercy and her daughter Lisa are definitely twinning and they both have the greatest smile. Well, we not leaving out Weno, he's got a great smile too. Guess it runs in the family.

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Although, this celebrity kid is also pretty low key-we can tell that he is definitely still the life of the party. Did you see how much this little dude is flexing on his parents Instagram? It would put most of us to shame. In fact, take notes from this little guy right now, he's the future.

How do we know this? Well, it could be because Weno got his not-so-shy personality from his mother Mercy and we’re not complaining, its adorable. And it looks like Mercy Thebe must be super proud of him as she loves to show him off on her Instagram when she feels that we're worthy of his presence.

Although, most of these kids are still under the wings of their protective parents, we still can't wait to see what these kids will turn out to be when they're all grown up Will they follow in their parents footsteps or will they make their own mark? When they do decide where they want to take their lives, we’ll be ready and waiting to witness all of it. We just have one small request, whatever they choose to do, we beg...don't grow up too fast. We’re not that ready. Geez!

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@mercythebeher

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