Papa Penny Penny and the car saga

Class is in session with Papa Penny Penny as he gives his car a new face-lift and teaches us a thing or two about African customs

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Papa Penny 

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Papa Penny Penny

You can't honestly go through an episode of Papa Penny Penny Ahee and not be inspired.

The man continues to inspire and give us more reason to respect him and of course, not one episode airs without us laughing hysterically at his rather grandeur requests.

In last night's episode, Papa Penny Penny wanted to upgrade his Chrysler Crossfire with new rims and a more sleek body paint. 

And if you know Papa Penny Penny like we do, the make-over of his car was bound to be extravagant.

For instance, he requested that a photo of him be placed on the rims of his car, why you may ask? Because it's Papa Penny Penny's car that's why.

Papa Penny Penny

For some reason, his rim request reminds us of this family outfit he chose for his wife and daughter.

See when it comes to Papa Penny Penny's lifestyle, everything needs to be top-notch.

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Papa pens

We missed this part, but apparently, he said he would buy another car just for groceries? Yeah, this man brags differently and some of us are still out here laughing at him just because his English isn't fluent.

It may also seem like Papa Penny Penny has bought himself another car.

This picture of him standing next to a Porsche is making its rounds on social media, now we're not sure if it really is his car, but looking at how shiny it is, it definitely looks like a Papa Penny Penny automobile


As always, Papa Penny Penny always teaches us an important lesson about love, life and especially African culture. Papa Penny Penny had planned to erect a tombstone for his later father recently.

A tree had grown on the grave and they had to remove the tree in order for the tombstone to be placed, but before they could do so, Papa Penny Penny spoke to his late father to inform him about the ongoings of his resting place.

The musician even brought his daughter along in the process so that she can also learn how to address her ancestors once she's grown.

Penny Penny

Thank you Papa Penny Penny for constantly sharing and teaching us the ways of African customs.

Main image credit: Facebook/MzansiMagic

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