Pearl Thusi Has Love On The Brain

Fans are ready for a #NationalLunchBaby

By  | Feb 01, 2022, 02:43 PM 

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February has a way of making everyone a little crazy as it is considered “the month of love”. As Valentine’s day approaches and everyone is in a rush to prove their love, it can sometimes leave single people feeling a little left out. And it looks like Pearl Thusi has gotten caught up in the Valentine’s fever too. 
As the lovers’ holiday approaches, it looks like the universe is working overtime to remind Pearl that she is single, and she is taking the hint. Her recent Twitter posts have had one common thread: love. 

It started with her responding to a fan who asked whether she would go on a second date with Twitter bigwig Michael Bucwa, commonly known as Mr Smeg.

The two recently brought the country to a standstill as they went on their first date, which was streamed live on YouTube. What started as a joke online when the two bonded over Mzansi trolling Ari Lennox, wound up in Mr Smeg asking her out on a date online, resulting in the cutest first date Mzansi has ever had the honour of witnessing. 

Pearl said she would not mind going on a second date, as she clearly had a really good time on their first one. In fact, Mr Smeg had already asked her to his Valentine, and she said yes, so we know that’s already covered. 
She then went on to share a picture of Makhadzi and Master KG, the newest adorable relationship on the block. The Zwivhuya hitmaker recently referred to KG as her soulmate, and Pearl joined the rest of us Khadzinators in swooning for them. 

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But the ultimate crowning moment came when a Twitter user @RealMrumaDrive shared a photoshopped image of Pearl and Mr Smeg superimposed on a picture of Rihanna and Asap Rocky, showing the singer pregnant. It must have caught her attention, because Queen Sono reshared the tweet, suggesting it amused her. But she did not reject the idea. 
Fans are already excited for the potential of a romantic relationship between Pearl and Mr Smeg. In fact, they have already suggested that the baby should be called “National Lunch Baby”, after their National Lunch Date. Others have decided that the picture serves as a sign for Pearl to pursue things further with Mr Smeg. 
Although it is hard to tell where both their heads are regarding the future, we completely understand why people are rooting for them. Seriously, anybody who watched that date has to admit that they have thought about it at least once. 
So what’s it gonna be, Pearl? She is clearly in the mood to experience love, and if ever there was a month to take a leap of faith, February is it. 

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