Mr Smeg Lands A Date With Pearl Thusi

She will go out with Mr Smeg

By  | Jan 26, 2022, 08:35 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Relationships

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You know how fans often feel intense reverence for their favourite celebrities, so much that we can never imagine shooting our shot at them? Well as it turns out, Pearl Thusi is very receptive to "regular" people, as she will be going out on a date with one this weekend. 
The lucky man is none other than Michael Bucwa aka Mr Smeg. You may know him because he always flaunts his red SMEG Kettle, or for being the man who went on a lunch date with Lasizwe. He recently shot his shot and asked Queen Sono out on a date, and much to our collective surprise, she said yes. 

It all started when amidst the Ari Lennox vs MacG saga, in which MacG asked the American singer a question she deemed inappropriate and misogynistic then swore never to set foot in Mzansi. Mr SMEG made his position on the drama known by tweeting out “Ari Lennox is not beautiful”. 

Now, those who have spent some time on the blue bird (Twitter) know exactly how hilarious this was. Mr Smeg only ever calls people beautiful on his Twitter page. In fact, he calls everybody beautiful, regardless of their gender. He lives to celebrate people, and he is greatly loved for it. 

This was very uncharacteristic and everybody was tickled, including Pearl, so much so that she momentarily forgot (or ignored) that she is a celebrity and everything she shares on social media will be politicised.
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As she responded to Mr Smeg laughing, social media users took it to mean that she was agreeing with him that Ari is not beautiful, which resulted in her being dragged for being a colorist. They think she only “agreed” because Ari is dark skinned – it’s a lot of politics, frankly, you may need to dig deeper. 

As Pearl got dragged and called ugly, Mr Smeg said she was beautiful, then took the chance to ask her out. She said yes, and they have been planning the date on the timeline since. They are set to have lunch on Saturday 29th, and all of Mzansi Twitter is excited about it. 
Fans have taken this as a sign that celebrities are “normal” people too, and the rest of us who are not famous should not be afraid to shoot our shot at them. It has worked out for other celebrities and their not-so-famous partners, and it looks like it just may happen for Mr Smeg too. 

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As this is a huge deal for Mr Smeg and for his and Pearl’s fans, a big congratulations to Michael. We are excited to see how the date goes on Saturday! 
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