#PlayOurMusicWollies Has Gained Momentum

Artists have aired their frustrations over Woolworth's decision to cancel SA music on its playlists

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

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SA musicians have united and have come out guns-blazing to air their frustrations over  Woolworth's decision to allegedly cancel SA music on its playlists. The #PlayOurMusicWollies has since gained momentum with artists calling for the  store to do the right thing.

This follows after Woolworths decided that they will only play royalty-free music in their stores. The debate was sparked and it saw SA rapper Ginger T also weighing in and slamming the company citing that this will affect artists tremendously. The muso encouraged artists to be united and stand against the retailer's decision 

He said “Dear Local Artists… we need you to stand with us and support this cause as this affects you directly, this has implications on our industry as a whole, especially independent artists, get woke and get involved! This is a call to action,” 

The likes of Toya Delazy and rapper Moozlie, have also criticized the company by adding their comments to this raging topic. Toya said the decision will affect independent artists tremendously because now they will have to sign in with Recording Labels who are also responsible for exploiting artists.

In a series of tweets, Moozlie said the power is in the hands of artists and she also slammed the store's decision.

The South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA), has also mobilized artists to unite against Woolworth's decision and weighed in that this will have a negative impact on independent artist.

Woolworths has since not responded to the allegations.

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