Prince Kaybee's Advice On Buying Food From Street Vendors Gets Misconstrued

He meant well!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Prince Kaybee 

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With the lockdown upon us, Mzansi sympathises with the people who will be affected by it the most, street vendors.

The announcement was made 2 days before the official start of the lockdown. Even though it was mentioned that grocery stores and pharmacies would be open, many people stockpiled their groceries and faced backlash from social media.

Their concerns were that the large number of people in one area could lead to the rapid spread of the virus. 

Even though supermarkets will remain opened, street vendors will not only lose out on business but they will lose out on stock as well.

ZAlebs such as Somizi, Prince Kaybee and others advised people to purchase the stock from the vendors in order to buy all their stock so they do not suffer a loss.

The Uwrongo hitmaker's tweets did not sit well with people as they misinterpreted his tweets for bragging about being rich and simply not using logic.

"The whole thing of buying all stock from street vendors doesn’t make sense to me. Why not just give them the money and let them keep that stock as groceries for themselves for the rest of the Lockdown so that when they get back they have capital to buy more stock," he tweeted.

Many people argued that he did not apply logic before he tweeted that. They challenged him and asked how will that stock amount to groceries for 21 days for them and family. Also, not many people are as privileged and found some 'bragging' undertones to his tweet.

He argued by saying; "Because you going to buy all stock you will use to a certain degree then the rest will go off, also if you can afford to buy everything they selling then you can definitely afford to just donate that amount and not take anything."

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