WATCH: Tweeps Shocked By Bushiri's Level Of Hustle

Has he started a church in China?

By  | Jul 02, 2021, 02:56 PM  | Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 

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Malawian controversial businessman and bishop, Prophet Shepard Bushiri is still a wanted man in South Africa, however, in China he is wanted for a different reason.

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The so-called prophet is accused of fraud, money laundering and corruption. He and his wife Mary are accused of defrauding congregants of his Enlightened Christian Gathering Church an amount of approximately R100-million.

However, none of these charges are too great for the focused businessman to find other means of making his cash whilst leading the people of God.

A video of "Papa" - as he is referred to by his loyal supporters -  ministering to the people of China has now emerged. The prophet is now taking his ministery to a different country where he is not known and his charges have probably not been brought to the fore.

The video has caused a frenzy on social media, with South Africans dumbfounded at his level of hustle and the meer fact that he is still doing exactly what he did here in South Africa. Others were shocked at how packed the church house was and even the fact that he has managed to find a translator.

This is how Twitter reacted:

"At this point all you can do is show this man the utmost respect which he deserves. Give credit where it is due man."

"Someone said β€œthe devil works hard, but papa works harder."

"At this point I am not even outraged by this man, nigga is consistent in his hustle. I respect that"

Last year, the bishop and his wife were arrested, however they were soon released on bail for R200 000. While South Africans were still digesting their arrest, it was reported that they had fled the country to Malawi but nobody knew how.

Shepard Bushiri knew all too well that his freedom was at stake, so he opted to conveniently disappear after receiving bail; leaving his devoted congregants shocked and father-less. The full support, after his apprehension, which included holding vigils and prayer sessions outside court, was not enough for the man of God to stand trial and face the might of the law.

You will remember a swarm of devoted followers who met in Pretoria's specialised commercial court last year to pledge their support for the self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri. The followers - who claim his teachings have literally saved their lives - made sure to be outside with their posters and t-shirts of support from as early as 5am. The Hawks say their investigation extends back to  2015, when the incidents allegedly took place.

However, till this day, the South African Department of Home Affairs is yet to establish how the flamboyant pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary skipped the country, but the Department is still very adamant that they didn't hitch a ride with Malawian President, Lazarus Chakwera, as it was reported.

It was later reported that Bushiri was willing to return to the country to face his criminal charges, however, Papa has some conditions for his return that the country needs to meet first.

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